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Why are psychologists franticly trying to prove attachment disorders where there are none? Was there any evidence for abuse? It should be clear that disciplinary action is not to be mistaken for abuse.

There is no evidence of child abuse in the children of the Twelve Tribes:

“ANSBACH / Wörnitz – The Ansbach prosecutor has apparently stopped the investigation against the parents of ten children of the controversial sect “Twelve Tribes” from the Middle Franconian of Wörnitz. As the Bavarian Radiostation reported on Tuesday, there are, according to the investigators, ‘no concrete evidence of the mistreatment of wards.’ ” (January 14, 2014)

Despite the findings of the prosecutor’s office and medical officers, the children are still being held in state custody. The law, however, dictates that an injunction should be repealed immediately, if it is determined that no danger of abuse is found.

Will there be a need for court-appointed psychologists now to invent evidence, as in the case Mollath?

Here are a few documented observations of people involved in the investigations within the first hour, proving that no traces of ill-treatment in children were noted:

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“…saw during the shower the bottom of the two children, yet there were no signs of marks or stripes visible. Mrs. … was asked to present  both children to the pediatrician at the latest 9/10/2013.”

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“…was accompanied to the pediatrician, and in both children no abnormality was found.  In case of the baby, the head was not exactly in straight position. This was not judged as damage, since it can be reverted by changing the position (belly) of the infant.”

Even with previous studies no traces of abuse ever found:

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Official medical investigations are taking place for all the children in the school of Klosterzimmern. All Examinations so far showed no abnormalities.
Visit at the parent’s home. Child sleeping, it was not swaddled.

The other children present gave the impression of being well taken care of and developed according to age.

… present boy was strong and healthy and was being nursed during the visitation.”

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“SG 54 Bah
Protocol of the results of the communication between Mr. Herrschner (chief of Jugendamt), Mrs. Bahlo (District social services) and Joshua Tlapak on 5/15/2013 in the office for Youth and Family of  the District Office.

Mr. Tlapak explains, that at the moment he represents all the families with minor children living in the community in Woernitz, since only he himself with his children and his brother with his wife and children are residing there presently. He said, Mr. Noah Tlapak (brother) has ordered him to represent his interest also during this dialog. Concerning Family Remmache and Lopez, so he said, he functions now as contact person for the youth office.

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2. Concerning the health care for the children of the community Mr. Tlapak explains that the necessary medical treatments are being taken advantage of.
Mr. Tlapak is going to send receipts of the recent medical treatments of his children by e-mail.
3. Mr. Herrschner and Mrs. Bahlo  notice, that there are no concrete indicators for an endangering of the child welfare concerning the children living in the community of the “Twelve Tribes” in Woernitz. Therefore, so they say, there are no legal grounds for further investigations by the office for youth and family.

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Mr. Tlapak explains, that the members of the “Twelve Tribes” in Woernitz no longer tolerate routine checking by the Jugendamt. An agreement is made, that the office for Youth and Family will address directly the concerned family in each particular situation.

Further on Mr. Tlapak will be available as contact person for the Office for Youth and Family. He said he would be available at any time by e-mail, even if he might be at work or out of the country.

Mr. Tlapak asks for a protocol about the results of this meeting.

District Office Ansbach

Screenshot from 2014-06-29 21:08:15
Office for Youth and Family

Herrschner                                 Bahlo
Youth Office Director                District Social Services

The children are usually very well developed and promoted even higher than the average age:

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Yesterday morning I visited the twins. They were drawing and playing around. It is conspicuous that both of the twins are physically and linguistically very well advanced already. Both have a great desire to communicate, which leads sometimes to a tumble of words. Their motor skills, e.g. upon drawing, are advanced well ahead. Therefore I have not noticed any abnormalities. Both twins are cross-eyed. But this has been treated by the parents already. The eye doctor prescribed an eye patch on one eye to be used off and on. This has been applied there by the parents for both of them. The parents Pingen are worried, if this is continuously being done by the foster family.

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When they were squabbling, it was noticeable, that quickly without hard words, a simple solution was able to be found (it was about a sharpener).

Screenshot from 2014-06-29 21:08:55


No Delay of development or other deficits did I observe in any way.

Both girls are also very open and easy to get excited, are well concentrated, e.g. upon drawing or laying a puzzle.

The twins are very receptive and life-loving. They are now barely four years old. Both of them have an expansive vocabulary and well developed fine and gross motor skills. I could detect no physical or spiritual deficits.

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As described concerning the… children their lingual understanding and general vocabulary seems to be above their age average. According to…. Both of them are already able to write down the ABC.

One of the claims, namely, that our children would hardly be viable in society, is still being attached to us to stubbornly:

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“The right of free development of personality is being disturbed by Isolating the children and youths, both in their relationships towards the outside world and within the community.

“The children are being forced into a role of outsiders. The socialization of a young person into an independent, responsible member of our society is almost impossible within this structure. The future is inevitably, as confirmed by witnesses, fixed on a life within the community, he will not or only with difficulty be able to find his way in society.”

Oddly, however, no one has taken the trouble, even to look at the young adults who have grown up in the Community, how viable they have become.

The fact is that many of the grown-up children of the community even take over our farms and the management of our company and are highly appreciated by our business partners.

Why are the courts picking only such one-sided information concerning the community?

There are also enough other sources, such as people who know us personally that would convey a different picture, but these were never previously considered as witnesses!

Is this really about the truth of the children’s welfare, or what is really the intention behind all this?

Here are the twins spoken of above, in a picture taken a year to a year and a half ago, before they were in captivity.


From left to right: Shalomah and Shamah (Levi’s children), Shelevah and Ma’aminah (Marc’s children).

Read a little more about the Hennigfeld family (Shalomah and Shamah).

And a little more about the Pingen family (the twins).


To the right: the twins with their little brother.