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Letter of response by reader Agrippino to the newspaper article


Christian Reip appears repeatedly in the press to shed the worst possible light on the community of the twelve tribes. In this, I assume that he has also had bad experiences and there were things that were not OK. Christian Reip is not about to give an objective picture, but makes people look bad without regard to losses. Everyone who knows his statements and has any common sense about people, can tell the difference.

Throughout the report, Tagesspiegel.de and Christian Reip pick these people to pieces. Reip is blind in both eyes, as we know from the last few months. I wonder if Tagesspiegel.de simply adopts this line of reasoning or if it is able to differentiate? Aren’t there people and children who enjoy living in this community? Can we ask them how they view their life there? One just has to look or go there! Simply put, this also has to be part of the truth now.

For some this life is a “Paradise” and for others less.


Christian Reip states: … the child is to come back crying in any case, they expect this …

Truth: No, they do not expect that. In individual cases possibly, not as a whole. Here is why:

1. It is not part of their doctrine, or an indicator, to punish a child hard.

2. I had the opportunity to look at all the unedited videos the reporter has made. Not a single child went away crying or sad.

3. He did not know all the people and their mind sets, therefore this is just a lie or a very subjective perception.


Christian Reip claims: “…what about childhood? I had no childhood,” says Reip. “From an early age, we had to toil for the sect…”

I wonder what kind of childhood Christian Reip wanted. He would have to ask his parents what better life they would have had to offer him, since they were there voluntarily.

What does a life as a craftsman with five children outside the Community look like? The reader may come up with the answer.

Maybe living on welfare, no money for excursions, for fashionable clothes and luxury of any kind. A much too small apartment, constantly annoyed parents, because you can not offer the children what the media preach as standard.

But I think more of a different version of Christian Reip. Even as a child, he had a “can’t be bothered” attitude about everything. No motivation to do anything. Help with the housework, stable, harvest and in the company, that was a horror to him.

That might have been a case for the Youth Office but they also try to shirk in difficult cases. No one wants such. Only the community has endured him long. Maybe too long.

Tagesspiegel.de writes: “…The “Twelve Tribes” feel obliged to early Christian ideals — they want to be a community of disciples, where there are no possessions and no hierarchies, living and working strictly according to the wording of the Bible…”

This statement is true. Robert Pleyer, also formerly of the Twelve Tribes, claims the exact opposite. Who to believe? My observation here:

So-called elders discuss what to do. This is probably a fact.

Tagesspiegel.de writes: “…Four and a half years Reip with his parents and three siblings fled from the cult base in the Frankish Wörnitz…”

This sentence clearly shows the lie-based opinion making by journalists.

If you are fleeing one must first be held captive, therefore that’s a lie. The former restaurant has no fence and is right in the village. From there, you do not need to run away. One can just go.

The truth was also different. The separation occurred because it did not work out together, any more. The reasons are differences on both sides. But no one had to flee.

Tagesanzeiger.de shows ten-year picture:



“Serious music. Among the “Twelve Tribes”, even playing the harp is little of a joyful event.”

In the inauguration ceremony, each child receives a harp. The photo shows four children who played before a press conference 10 years ago. Of course they are shy in front of an unfamiliar audience and cameras.

Anything else would not be normal.

But the comment below [the picture] shows that anything is being used to denounce these people.

Christian Reip says: “Every adult had the right to chastise.”

That’s a lie. Not everyone had this right. He speaks repeatedly of it because he wants to give the impression that beating is going on constantly.

This is Christian Reip’s pattern. There are others who say otherwise, but they don’t find open ears. Because one has already created his own image of the people beforehand.

Tagesanzeiger.de writes: “…strokes in the education and truancy — because of these two things for years are the “Twelve Tribes” in the criticism. Last year, the RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk had smuggled in Klosterzimmern and secretly filmed abuse. There are disturbing, horrific images, such as the children were chastised in the basement and boiler room of the former sect owned school with lashes…”

In an earlier television interview someone from the Twelve Tribes whose name escapes me said that: “No slaps on the face are done but every once in a while one is on the butt.” You saw it even in the videos of Kuhnigk. No violence where children run away crying.

Tagesanzeiger.de writes: “…secretly filmed abuse…”

This statement stems from moralists, who wanted to impose their standards of value on others and are no bit better themselves. In particular, the writer does not know what is abuse. I have experienced abuse at the orphanage. Of sexual exploitation to toe kicks, slaps, clouts, for hours tied to a beam, imprisoned near the swine.

What I have seen here is no abuse. On the contrary, I call this love and attention. Most of us then put our children only in front of the TV or in front of the game in order to fumble around on our cell phones or in Facebook. This we call then education.

…Disturbing, horrific images … He who writes something like this does not know what is “horrible”. Why? Because he is absolutely callous, has no judgement and has become stupid by the influence of the mass media.

But as you can see, I also use completely exaggerated words, because I want to be heard. But we should change this in journalism and be fair and objective again.

Awful is what the Jugendamt (youth welfare office), a mayor of Nördlingen or a district court to the people does. But is it not written aptly already in the Bible about such people that they will call good evil and evil good!

Tagesanzeiger.de writes: “…Whoever asks the sect about the economic activities, gets no answer. He who wants to make an appointment, gets a rejection…”

I come to tears (cynical). But whoever comes with evil intent can probably expect nothing else. Patrick Guyton, writer of this article, was it not you who ultimately tried with a tall tale to get access to the monastery rooms and you got exposed by your questions? If so, be glad that you have been a bad liar. If you had been a good liar, you would have no conscience.

I have no problems getting an appointment. I do not consider everything good that’s happening among the Twelve Tribes. I also have my own opinion in matters of faith and do not agree with all the detailed questions. But for me that is far from being a reason to be completely done with these people.

The intolerant rabble lurks not inside the the ten meters over the remaining monastery walls but outside in front of the wall.

We are the intolerant rabble, incapable of love and full of hatred. We love evil more than the light, that’s the truth.

I think I’ll write sometime about all the times unscrupulous attempts by journalists to finish off people and to manipulate the masses.

Like wolves they sneak around the grounds and try tearing one of the sheep.

But the measure is full.

I honor every journalist who sincerely seeks and writes the truth. The agitators and misanthropic, I wish all the plagues that they also inflict on these people.

Still it is time of grace but there comes a time of judgement and I do not want to stand on their side which denunciate these innocent. And if anyone from among them did sin, they will be forgiven, because they confess their sins to one another.

But those outside, their sins will be retained, because they are not willing to admit their own guilt and because they retain the guilt of the people of the Twelve Tribes, which may be before God no guilt.

Unfortunately the lies go on in the report. In the next blog I will show this and if there is something true, I’ll say it too.

Pentecost 2014 at the twelve tribes in Klosterzimmern:


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