The following is a personal note from the parents of two special girls, Eva and Merea Krumbacher…

Now they wait in hope against hope for the meaning of this invitation from the Swiss Court. Is this the sound of justice beginning to come for the families of the Twelve Tribes Communities of Faith in Germany? Can we dare hope that the Swiss Court will rule that the cooperation of Swiss authorities with the German Jugendamt was in fact illegal and even unconstitutional? Will their beloved daughter, Merea, be returned to them?

Our two daughters Eva and Merea fled twice while having been taken from us. The first time, they fled to our home in Wörnitz and were taken back to “their” foster parents by police force the same day.

HavahMy beloved Merea

Eva                                                                                                                                                                                Merea

Then October 16th, 2013, they fled to Switzerland because they are Swiss citizens. According to a lawyer in Switzerland, it is against the Swiss Constitution for the German government to get the two girls from Switzerland and bring them to Germany—because they are Swiss citizens. (Read Eva’s story.)

Switzerland is NOT a part of the European Union. We went to the Jugendamt in Switzerland (KESB) and told them everything that had happened to us and our children in Germany. They seemed very nice and honest, and wanted to come and visit our home. We were temporarily living at grandmother’s home.

During that time, we were also looking for our own place where we could possibly start a community. The lady at the Swiss Jugendamt even made an appointment for a visit to our apartment on Monday, November 11th, 2013. But to our amazement the police came on November 8th (Friday) and deported our two girls back to Germany against their will.

That day my wife and I were looking at some houses and farms we had found. It was terrible, horrible news. We were not even home! By our Father’s grace we were able to track the police down and pursue them to the Swiss-German border. At the border we tried talking with the Swiss police. They seemed to understand our situation and wished somehow they could take the two girls back to their home. But they said they couldn’t decide that because the deportation had been initiated by the German authorities.

As we talked to the German authorities (Jugendamt and police), they would not comply with our request. They were set and said that the girls 9 years and 17 years old must be brought back into foster care.

When our lawyer heard of all that had happened, he was very upset and said that this was absolutely against the Swiss constitution.

In council we decided to appeal to the Swiss court. We appealed once to the lower court and our request was denied. Now we have filed a complaint with the constitutional court in Switzerland. It is amazing that they have accepted our case and requested a statement from the KESB. Now we have received an invitation from the Constitutional Court in Switzerland in Lausanne for a court hearing on June 19, 2014 at 10:45 a.m.

Our lawyer said, “The fact that we have been invited to this discussion is indeed very positive. Because an open (public) discussion only takes place approximately once a year.” An open discussion/trial means that everybody can come and be there and listen to their discussion. It is possible that some media will come as well. It will be five judges meeting together to discuss a constitutional decision.

We do not really know what to expect, but it is of great importance to us that our Father could use this court hearing to make room for us in Switzerland and Europe and bring our daughter Merea back.

With love,

Ohevi and Rachel


We, the Communities of the Twelve Tribes, are praying for these wonderful, loving parents, that justice could be done in their case and they could have their daughter returned to them.

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