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To the Augsburger Allgemaine



To the Augsburger Allgemeine

Letter to the Newspaper

Post office box 86133 Augsburg

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May 27, 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
on the subject: Twelve Tribes Religious Community
                            Removal of their children

I ask for publication of the following letter to the editor of the Rieser News.

Twelve Tribes Religious Community of Klosterzimmern — Removal of their Children

Since October of last year I follow the happenings around the children being removed for the reason that they would be spanked and beaten. A TV reporter of RTL had delivered film material as evidence. As commonly known, the children were taken through police intervention from the parents and were distributed by the youth office into private families.

Since then 7 months passed. It comes to ear that the children understandably (even infants) are feeling homesick and that some of them have left their foster parents on their own initiative. This alone indicates the psychological state the children are in. Also the cries for help of the parents to the public are not being heard.

I wonder whether this procedure of the authorities and the separation of the children from their parents is justified. Supposedly it is about the well-being of the children. It is cruel and inhuman to separate them from their parents. The psychological damage can have devastating effects for the children.

The whole matter is being delayed by the authorities and carried out on the back of the children. The charge of spanking has not been investigated yet by the authorities. At an earlier inspection about one year ago the children seemed to be happy and normal. It was inconceivable that they would be spanked. My opinion is that the responsible people in the authorities are required urgently to find mutual agreements with the parents to end this drama as quick as possible, otherwise the psychological damage done to the children will not be repairable.

Helmut Rahm