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So the protesters cried out in Stuttgart, Germany, on April 5, 2014….”the state is going too far.” This is what we heard. Was it music to our ears? After all, people were announcing over a loud speaker:

Wake up, it’s time to wake up for the German citizens! The state is going too far! Family is the foundation of a healthy society! We are for the family!

So the state is going too far, now. That means that in the past it didn’t, but only now. It is very telling that it is only now.



Protect Parent’s Rights!

Stop Gender-Ideology and the Sexualization of our Children!

Now, the protesters say, we will stand up for parent’s rights. We must protect, maintain, preserve, and uphold them. Remarkable that voices would have to be raised for such a cause. So the crowd applauded the speakers while the anti-demonstrators yelled: “We are for homosexuals! Freedom of love!”

StuttgardProtest_PolizeiMany, many people gathered, protected by hundreds of armed police men and women. They were there to protect the demonstrators against the anti-demonstrators. Most of us had never seen so many policemen before. The anti-demonstrators were in rage, screaming and yelling.

The demonstrators kept calling out:

Take your hands off our children!

On the other side the anti-demonstrators were screaming and cursing. The police were walking alongside the crowd protecting the protesters from the antis. We definitely were thankful for the police on that day.StuttgartProtest_Disciples

We felt like we were being thrown right into the pre-enactment at one of our weddings, but this was the real thing. It became very clear to us that we are living in the end times as is described in Isaiah 5:20.

The society is divided in itself – no foundation of trust – reminding us of the iron and the clay in Daniel 2.

But whose children are they?

Do German citizens really lay claim to their children as their own? Does not the state own them? How did the parents become so confused? This is surely puzzling, because the state has done nothing in secret, but very publicly. They have stated many times, and they have acted on these statements, that the children in Germany belong to the state.

Do the parents now question this certainty — that the children belong to the state and not them — because of a change in curriculum?

This is no little change in the curriculum they are protesting, but a sexual reorientation of the human race, I suppose you could say.* The state that has overthrown the Word of God believes it can do anything. One of the speakers said:

It could go as far as we slept.

We agree. The sleep has been a long one…decades long…with only a rouse here and there of the great mass of German citizens. Many of whom profess some kind of loyalty to the Word of God. Sometimes they go to church and they hope to go to heaven when they die. This is Christianity today, it seems. But now the state has finally done something they object to. Does it matter? Do they really love their children? Let all judge themselves by the Word of God.

Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. (Proverbs 13:24)


*Some of you may have read the futuristic novel, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. In it the author foresees masses of carefully reproduced humanity. Each batch of humans decanted (not born) from their test tube pregnancies are as exactly alike as possible. This makes for social stability. Thus, we have nature.

Giving a nod to nurture, Huxley foresaw the resulting batches of Alphas and Betas and Gammas (classes of human beings) being equally carefully socially programmed to be content with their lot in life. In exchange for meaning and the character development that comes with struggle, humanity is offered pleasure.

This begins with a very early sexualization. This is what the German parents are protesting. In words strikingly similar to a passage in Brave New World, one German parent wrote:

There is a new law that all children should be taught about sex from the age of 6 years old and up. They should be around other children (naked, of course) and experience this “new” feeling and surrounding. In every school and Kindergarten there should be a room set aside just for this.

Add “gender-mainstreaming” to this potent mix and see what you get. Brave New World is on the way: just look to Germany leading the way.