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What do you do when what is most dear to you in life is taken away?

You reach out to others in love…

My wife and I had the privilege to go out walking this month. It was our second time as a couple and it filled us with gratitude for our friends that took our places to make this special time possible. At the end of our four day walk it turned out that we didn’t even need our sleeping-bags. Our Abba was so personal to provide food and shelter. The best of all were all the wonderful encounters that we had. Many times we found ourselves not knowing what to do or where to go. Needy as we were, we prayed to our Abba to show us where to go and were always amazed at how personally He answered us.

On the first day we found ourselves in a very difficult place for cars to stop. As the day was drawing to a close, we were wondering if we should find a place for the night. So we prayed, “Abba, if you want us to go somewhere else, then have a car pick us up in the next 15 minutes.”

Right after we said amen a young man drove right off the road and picked us up. He was a real zealot and was not ashamed of the word of God. His whole life was devoted to telling others about God. Right now he takes care of his father 24 hours a day and it was obvious that he was whole-hearted. He had met us once, many years ago, on a church-day and was so happy for this divine appointment as he called it himself. He really went out of his way to drop us off at a better place, where we still talked with him for about a half an hour before he had to go on.LeviAndHadashahWalking

From there a woman took us and brought us right to a village where we knew that a Christian community existed. It was almost 10:00 PM when we knocked at their door and were amazed when some kind young women welcomed us in. They wore home-sewn dresses and were so happy to receive us in. More people came and sat down with us.
They offered us tea and something to eat.

They told us that from the first day of the raid they are praying for us. They gave us the nicest room to spend the night in and at their gathering the next morning they read verses from Psalms 34 to encourage us. They also sing songs.

From there we went on and met so many more people that are in a big illusion, not realizing the time we live in. Germany is so lost and the people are so oppressed. Here is just one example:

We went to a rest area wanting to fill up our water bottles. The woman at the coffee bar said she could not do it for us and sent us away, so we went to another counter and asked the man there for water, but he had the same response as the woman, saying there were cameras in the shop and he was not allowed to give us water. After asking to talk to their boss and receiving a short and upset answer that he was not there, we left the place. It was all so sad. This experience made it very clear to us what time we live in and how important it is for us to overcome.

The second night we slept with a very nice family of Christians with five children that are also finding it very difficult to exercise their faith. On the third day our Abba sent some very nice people our way and we had many rides. A very nice man from Bulgaria was so hospitable. He also believed that it was from God that he met us. He took us to a town where we hoped to see someone and then he still took us another 2-1/2 hours further to bring us to his friends. They have a big place and want to start a mission. We spent a very nice evening with them and could share the gospel with them.

We were thankful to be messengers with real good news for the people.

Love from Levi and Hadashah

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