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In the following video, Besorah Schott speaks in German about her experiences in school and why she now refuses to attend. This is for the first 2 1/2 minutes. Her words are translated below the video.


In English, Sarah Remmache speaks for the rest of the video about what she saw in school: the ugly, destructive, soul-consuming mockery of the despised and outcast. Their words are real, personal, and irrefutable. Just ask anyone who has gone to public school!

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Besorah: My name is Besorah Schott and I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in the Twelve Tribes Community of believers.

Then when I went to school in Deiningen it was extremely hard for me to find friends because everyone excluded me. I always tried to be friendly to them and make friends, but it somehow didn’t seem to help anything.

It was totally wild in the classroom, brawling and chairs being thrown through the class room, and….,…it was like hell on earth for me to go to that school. I also got completely discriminated and just not treated normally. For this reason I don’t want to go there any more. I endured it for four months now, but now I have enough.

Besides that I could not learn at all, I couldn’t concentrate when the children turn on their music and cell phone and are totally distracted. The teacher needs to scream across the room all the time because the children are not under control one bit but are totally wild.

And then there are the sixteen/seventeen year old boys that only do nonsense (bosh) all the time and enact kindergarten and I want to learn and can’t concentrate… Also in my interim reference you could see very clearly that I was a good student and that I had a good education in the eight years I went to school in Klosterzimmern.

I can only praise our private school, and would wish to go there again. My experience here in our private school was only good and I didn’t have to suffer under exclusion, discrimination, mocking, blaspheming…. I always wished and had the hope that our private school could be re-opened, but until now nothing has happened yet.