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The most important “job” of the Church

We believe that the most important job on earth for the church is to train its children to enter the kingdom of heaven. In fact, we are guaranteed that the children will never depart from proper godly training if they are trained up in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). In other words, if a child is not properly trained, then the rest of his life will be misguided and miserable, lacking vitality, wholeness and truth. Therefore God has always instructed His people to bend every effort to train their children

so that you, your children, and their children after them may fear the Lord your God as long as you live. Impress these commands upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deuteronomy 6:2,7).

We, as the followers of Yahshua, the Messiah (Jesus Christ is commonly thought to be his name), are held responsible to obey the whole Word of God, and it is in this obedience that we must take on the education of our own children (Proverbs 13:24). We cannot merely teach our children from 7 to 16 years of age, but we must diligently instruct and train our children from early childhood until they can responsibly judge themselves.

Our Father has provided the perfect environment for our children to be trained in. That environment is the community where the order of God prevails under the good government of God.

In this environment our children are being trained according to God’s purpose on earth with concentric vision of how to accomplish this purpose. They, as vital parts of the community, are being prepared to attain to the highest goal possible in this life — to enter the kingdom of heaven.

We refuse to send our children to undisciplined school rooms where rebellion against parents, teachers, human dignity, and freedom of religion (which the Constitution protects) prevails. Sexual permissiveness, drug abuse, and anti-Christian philosophy are rampant.

We are commanded by our Lord and God not to conform to the pattern of thinking and the lifestyle of this world, but to be separate from it (Romans 12:1-2). OUR CHILDREN ARE ABSENT WITH CAUSE.

The present secular school systems can only deal with mental and physical training, with no means to train our children spiritually and socially. The greed of the human heart goes unchecked in this school system because administrators and teachers alike cannot deal squarely with problems of greed and lawlessness, and are unable to lead the students to the answer — Yahshua the Messiah and His kingdom on earth.

The faults and failures of the school system are obvious to all, especially the students. They cry out insatiably for better schools with an environment of order in which to learn rather than chaos and confusion. Students express their frustration in millions of dollars of vandalism and violence each year. Teachers strike for more money — victims of the greed inherent in the system they promote. Do our children need an atmosphere of ever-present threats of strikes by their teachers who need such organizations as unions to assure justice? Do they need the unstable influence of teachers who teach out of selfishness and greed instead of compassion?

We want to ensure our children an education suitable to prepare them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves (Matthew 22:37-40). Obedience to this command fulfills and expresses everything God has said in His Law and through His prophets.

We will not subject them to the interruptions of strikes and violence and the examples of selfishness, hate, and greed that they would have been conformed to. Our children must be in an environment where they can have examples to whom they can be conformed.

A student is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher. (Luke 6:40)

Therefore, our children who were once enrolled in public school will be enrolled no longer, and as stated earlier, they are absent with cause. We will not subject them to further beatings, harassment, and insults, which officials cannot control. Our unenrolled children will never be enrolled.

In spite of many well-meaning individuals involved in the educational complex, the system itself is evil and ungodly. The proof of its corrupt nature is not so much in its failures and shortcomings, which almost everyone readily admits, but rather its essence is revealed in its fruit and the spirit it instills in our precious children. The teachers pass on the spirit of this world from which we are commanded to be separate (Deuteronomy 7:1-11; 1 Corinthians 2:11-12).

Teachers cannot be qualified by colleges and universities, but only by God and only in His Church where His graces are added to the innate abilities put into them by Him. Teachers are in the Church, not in the world (1 Corinthians 12:28; Ephesians 4:11). Should we remind you of all the violence, strikes, threats, etc., by the “licensed teachers” that were “qualified” in college by a so-called “degree”?

This behavior is no surprise to the cognitive ones in our society. These so-called “teachers” and “educators” received their spirit from educational institutions which consider success to be power, money, position, and authority. Their philosophy of education is one which says that the purpose of education is to make one a success in order that he may live his life for himself in the “comfort” this world offers, thus having no greater preoccupation other than self-interest. They are taught how to perpetuate their existence at all costs even if that means stepping on others who might get in the way.

We believe a teacher must teach from a spiritual gift given by God and not with merely natural abilities. Those who teach our children must pass on to them a spirit — the one Spirit of Truth. The education of our children requires that our teachers be motivated by compassion (not greed), and therefore can earn no salary; students must attend and teachers must instruct on a twenty-four hour schedule, seven days a week. From these requirements it is clear that the “school” our children must attend is part of a total life, the life of the person of Yahshua in His Body, the Church, and not merely a building or academic institution. This Body is the only living organism established by God to carry out His will on earth. No other structure on earth could qualify to educate God’s people, for it is obvious that no contemporary educational institution is equipped to accomplish the purpose of God on earth.

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