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Important links about the Jugendamt

The Bamberg Declaration of October 2007 (Chair: Annelise Oeschger, President of the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe).

League for Children’s Rights 2009, which quotes a well-known German professor: the Jugendamt operates in a “space outside the law” (p. 2).

klenner_kleinProf. Klenner, one of Germany’s best known psychologists, has stated:

Decisions of fateful importance are being made by agents of an authority who cannot be held responsible even when they are acting irresponsibly on purpose. This is called a space outside the law.

Hopeless resignation

Professor Klenner’s further comments on the behavior of the Jugendamt reveals its nature. The character of the greater is always seen by its treatment of the lesser — those in its power.

As a rule, the Jugendamt agencies resort to measures such as taking children into custody by exploiting the element of surprise, always without giving any advance notice. Thus, Jugendamt employees are allowed to take children away, without giving them any opportunity to say goodbye to their parents or siblings, without letting them take any of their personal possessions, without giving the young person the right to ask their parents for help or to contact an attorney.

They are able to pass struggling, desperate children,  screaming in fear, onto strange families or children’s homes and to keep the parents in the dark about where their children are.

On top of this, they also have the authority to forbid any contact, any telephone calls and even the passing on of any greetings between parents and child. Not infrequently, the children who have been uprooted in this manner are told that their parents are sick or in prison – or even dead.”

Children who are brought to the point of hopeless resignation by such methods are more easily integrated into their new environment.

Source: an interview by Karin Jaeckel, quoted in “The Jugendamt — Enforced child welfare in a legal vacuum.”

The Jugendamt thus reveals what is necessary to integrate into German society. Such a citizen has no fight left in them against the status quo, no will to change or challenge the way things are. They can be sold anything, both literally and figuratively. This is necessary for life in the days of Isaiah 5:20.

None of this is theory. It is how the Jugendamt has treated hundreds of thousands of German parents and children. It is how they have treated us.


On page 4 of the 2009 declaration, the nature of the Jugendamt’s intervention into the family is directly compared to torture…of the parents and the children:

Lastly it has to be mentioned that, according to the state of international research, it is beyond discussion that parental deprivation is a traumatic event that traumatizes the victims, children and their parents, for their lifetime. When committed by state organizations without legal justification, it must therefore be banished as mental torture.

This torture we have experienced.

The demise of the Constitutional State of Germany

On page 3 of the 2009 report, Professor Klenner is quoted again, and further, starkly ominous conclusions are drawn:

Prof. Klenner states: “Whenever court decisions are ignored without contradiction, this is
regarded as a license for further arbitrary actions, so that consciousness of illegal acting does not arise at all. … The official tolerance is the determining event of transgressing the point of no return. This is immediately followed by more illegal acting and the lack of respect of the judiciary will follow immediately.” Many other experts share this opinion, but no remedy has been implemented as yet.

On the contrary the position of the Jugendamt has been further enhanced by a recent amendment of Art. 1666 of the Civil Code that has just obtained legal validity. Whereas until now a proof of parental failure had been compulsory for the withdrawal of parental authority, this requirement has now been abolished and replaced by a mere “suspicion” of a danger for the child. In the document explaining the reasons for this new “law for facilitation of intervention of family courts in cases of danger to the welfare of children“ {Bundestag document no. 16/6815 of 24 October 2007 — see p. 9 (in German)} the Bundestag explains that the proof of parental failure is too tedious to establish.

This reasoning is a very dangerous step towards the abolition of the constitutional state.  Parents are put under general suspicion, and this suspicion is declared sufficient for a  violation of the Right of Respect of Family Life, but also the Right of Liberty and Security.  The abandon of the basic maxim “in dubio pro reo” (benefit of the doubt) is a violation of the fundamental Right  to a Fair Trial: It is no longer necessary to prove the guilt of the suspect. Once this  movement is started there is no way of knowing where it will stop, and to which offences it will be extended. Germany is about to leave the basic principles of international  conventions on Human Rights.

This is positive law at its worst, abolishing the most basic standards of justice to obtain the dual goals of stated government policy and the unstated goal of ever increasing the power of the state. As the state becomes greater the citizen becomes smaller.

The citizen is no bigger than the rights he has.

How big is he in Germany?