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Something special happens when you met the people behind the headlines…

I had already gone walking with different brothers several times, but never with my wife. Since I was found by walkers I always had vision to find the lost sheep that way. This time we were happy that we had the opportunity to go together as a couple. We met a lot of helpful people and some of them had already heard about us or our situation, but mainly through the media. The media doesn’t represent us as who we really are, so it’s surprising for people when they come to know us. We had many nice conversations. Sometimes you might not know where to go or who to visit, but our Father shows himself faithful if we depend on him and not go by our own understanding or expectations.


Nogah and Dawid, faithful friends.

One evening, for example, we were still looking for a place to sleep. It was already dark and we where looking with our flashlights at different barns we found on our way but they were either closed or for animals. It was too windy and cold to sleep outside. So we went to the next village to ask there. We went from house to house ringing the bell, talking to people explaining our situation but unsuccessful, till we saw a couple unloading their car. “Let’s go and ask them.” We were hoping that our Abba would provide a place where He wanted us to be.

“Hello!” we said. “Hm, excuse me but… , you know we got stuck here in this village and now we are looking for a place to sleep. Do you have a place or shed or something where my wife and I could stay for the night?”

“Wow, you are courageous! (With a big smile.) You really are! Where are you going? Where are you from? How come you got stuck here?” and, “Yes, we can give you a place and provide you with some mattresses.”

“Thank you, Abba,” we thought, “finally!” So we started to explain our situation and where we are from.

“What? You are from the Twelve Tribes! I mean, you are welcome but please explain to us a little, what the truth is of what the media says about you and your children.”

So we had a very nice conversation, describing our life, what happened, why it happened, and what the issue of discipline is. In this and many of the situations, the outcome was them saying: “We don’t spank our children, but we understand you and can see that it was not justified that your children were taken!”

Most people we talk to turn their hearts. But it’s actually sad to see how much just natural understanding of discipline got lost in this country. But we can not give up talking about the good fruit, the good foundation of our life, our Master Yahshua and the Kingdom to come.

May that Kingdom come. We have nothing else to live for.

Our love goes to you all,

Dawid & Nogah — Parents of Hoshayah (8), Tsebiyah (6) and Nechemyah Shalem (4)


With their grandfather!