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The following was written to our German website in January, and forwarded to us just now. The author contemplates the connection between the past and present in his beloved country of Germany and finds the connection rather strong, much to his dismay…

January 17, 2014 at 2:36 pm

As an uninvolved non-religious person, I follow from northern Germany the events surrounding the “Twelve Tribes” for months. Anyone well-informed and with common sense and above all has decency must come to the realization that to these people a huge injustice is being done.

The first and foremost victims of this huge injustice is to the “saved” (as pretended) children themselves. Everything was taken from them: their undoubtedly loving and beloved parents, their beautiful living environment, their community, their friends, and even their siblings have these brutes taken from them by having them isolated from each other.

And all this despite the facts clearly refuting the allegations against the “Twelve Tribes”. Here again only two quotes about this:

After the allegations of ill-treatment stated by drop-outs, the health office staff have examined the children of the community of faith ‘Twelve Tribes’ in Klosterzimmern. The result:

CountyChief_Stefan_RoessleAccording to the district administrator Rieser Stefan Rössle were discovered no external injuries.’There were no abnormalities found in the children, no psychological problems, so Rössle said on request of our newspaper.


alfred-kanthWe see there happy, well-bred, and age appropriate developed children who depend on their parents,’ said [Jugendamt chief officer!] Kanth.’


But there are still many, many, more proofs.

It is so easy to see that these children there live a good life that most other children can only dream of. The “Twelve Tribes” are the living proof that corporal punishment does NOT cause damage if it is done in moderation and embedded in a loving upbringing, and this is at the “Twelve Tribes” is obviously the case.

This absolutely outrageous actions of the authorities concerns each of us. If we do not take action against this madness, then many of us will think in the not too distant future:

When they picked up the children of the community, “The Twelve Tribes”, I did nothing,
because I was not a member of the “Twelve Tribes”.

When they picked up the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I did nothing,
because I was not a Jehovah’s Witness.

When they picked up the children of the anti-vaccination people, I did nothing,
because I was not anti-immunization.

When they picked up the children of vegans, I did nothing,
because I was not a vegan.

But when they came for MY children, I wished very much I would have done something then.

My fellow citizens, this “past” is NOW!