Thanks for your support!

Many compassionate friends, relatives, and acquaintances have turned to support us in our current tragedy with our children. They have written to various authorities and agencies to help us. Recently, we learned to our dismay that all these letters to the offices and courts were not taken into consideration for the simple reason that no document number was written upon them.

If the file number is missing, it is the discretion of the competent authority to decide whether to include the letter in the record or not. It seems as though they have not been keen to include positive reviews about us in the files. But every negative note of drop-outs or other opponents of our community has been appended immediately without file number in all legal procedures against us.

So if you want to write an opinion in our favor to the courts, or have questions about our treatment, we recommended you attach the reference number of the family or families you are writing about.

Obviously, if you have already written, it would be very helpful, due to the open and bold prejudice against us, to resend your letter with an additional title page including the file number to the judges.

Here are the addresses of the district courts, the families and the file number of the judicial process:

You can write something about each family whom know you personally, and thereby use the appropriate file number in all communications.

At the same time we would like to once again thank all of you who have supported us!

The families of the Twelve Tribes