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 Addar was in the Struggle of his Soul…

His situation had become increasingly difficult. Remaining in the institution by himself after his brother Chayah had left in the beginning of November, he had to face all conflicts by himself. And there were plenty to face!

On the one side, the institution’s attempts to integrate him into society, and on the other, the intense peer pressure of much older young adults in the institution whose lives had already been damaged and even shattered by that very society…*

Living in these conditions he did was just prison for him, too – literally locked up at night and sometimes even in the day, closely supervised all day, suffering under the clashing conflicts with the youth around him.**

He met all the offers for an education and better work conditions with civil disobedience…

He let them know that he was not going to cooperate and ‘do the best he could to make this look like a nice time for him.’

He just would not even talk or respond to people, even when the criminal police came once to interrogate him.*** He made it also clear to the judge that he saw his life with his people in the Twelve Tribes, where he wanted to work to build up his people instead of getting a job in the world.

As things escalated in the group and the judge‘s decision was kept in abeyance, Addar’s hope was waning, too. Not sleeping the whole night and considering how he could make it through all the locked doors at night or face the opposition of the institution or the police at day, it was early in the morning after his sister’s escape that he suddenly got a call to come to the office of the principal.

‘You’re free,’ he was told matter of factly. ‘We just got the message, that the judge released you…’

Yes, even the principal knew Addar was imprisoned!

– FREE! It was hard to believe that it happened all in the same day. I never saw him smiling so much as in the last few days.

Addar’s Homecoming! See the Markeli Family is Together Again!

Addar is so happy!

Shua, his imma (mother)


*     Thankfully, there were very decent young people there, too, for many of the same reasons, whose lives had been shattered not by their choices, but by the Jugendamt…even for generations. See the statements of six such youth in a captioned video.

**   Read his father’s Open Letter to Herr Kanth for a description of the conditions and what Addar faced in the foster home.

***   Was Addar guilty of a crime? Or was he being treated like a criminal? Or was he being turned against his parents, to utterly alienate himself from them, while they went to prison? For which of these reasons did the criminal police come to interview a healthy, law-abiding, hard-working fifteen-year-old boy? The same reasons a fourteen-year-old girl was interrogated for hours…