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March 23, 2014

Dear Mr. Kanth,


Mr. Alfred Kanth (Jugendamt manager)

Since you are almost never reachable in your office, and are not willing to meet with us, and it seems that you constantly go on vacation, I wanted to contact you in this open/public letter.

Of all the employees of your social services it was just you who could make a personal, stable, and consistent image of our children in the last decade.

To this day I remember our call after the conversation in the Ministry of Culture in 2013. You seemed to have been very offended back then by the situation in the Ministry of Culture, which came up with the Twelve Tribes. Even with your subsequent visit to Kosterzimmern you have expressed this to me personally.

I think that this must have been the trigger for you, which caused your further actions.

That’s why I want you to remind you of some facts and express my heart to you about certain things that have seemed somehow to vanish:

1. Mr. X, school psychologist, mentioned in your presence again and again – and even to our children that the school was the most pleasant place in Klosterzimmern. The children were for him – as you well know – always willing and ready to show him what they had learned. They were eager to show him. All these things were clear in his semi-annual school reports to the Ministry of Culture.

What stood in the Mirror Online (Focus 38/2013): “All have turned a blind eye,” was not consistent with the truth. You know as well as the school authorities that the Mirror Online statement was a lie.

The Bavarian government defended itself against just charges by the minority party in hearings on January 23, 2014! Those charges were false and were known to be false by the officials who had visited us when the Mirror published them. And who spoke up for the unpopular truth against the popular lie? Our Open Letter to the Bavarian Senate correctly anticipated the government’s obvious justification: that many quite satisfactory and even happy visits of school officials, psychologists, and Jugendamt officials – such as yourself – had visited the Community in Klosterzimmern over the years. We did not live in secret!

The truth now speaks for itself: I wanted to submit to you and the public the testimony that my daughter Chassidah has obtained from the public middle school in the facility in which she has lived the last half year.

She has sent this school report as far as I know, to the Higher Regional Court in Munich with the message: “You reap what you sow.(That is, something was clearly sown in her education at Klosterzimmern!)


School Report


Chassidah Markeli

 Chassidah is a calm and friendly student, who has quickly found her social foothold in the school and classroom. With her class maids she is a popular play and conversation partner. Towards adults she conducts herself mostly in a respectful and reserved manner but she is with increasing confidence finding the the proper way of communicating. When called upon, Chassidah is able to aptly bring thoughtful contributions to the lessons. Noteworthy is especially her thorough manner of working, which is not only shown in her orderly and well structured notes, but also in her beautiful advanced results in art and WtG-class (sewing and knitting). Chassidah is prompt in executing instructions of any kind in sincerity.

Compulsory subjects:




Handcraft/textile design……………………………..2







History/Social studies/Geography………………2

The student is being taught according to the curriculum of middle school, adapted to the school’s emphasis on emotional and social development.

St. Ludwig, on Feb 14th 2014

grades: 1=very good, 2=good, 3= satisfying, 4=sufficient, 5=lacking, 6=insufficient



Very honored Mr. Judge Prexl 24.02.13

This is the copy of my half year school report. I actually wanted to bring it to the court hearing.

*You will reap what you sow!

Am I not right?

If our school (Klosterzimmern) was supposedly so bad and our teachers didn`t teach, then why do I have a bunch of grades 1 and 2 and no 6 or 5?

Right now I am one of the best students in my group. If my teachers in Klosterzimmern didn’t put a good foundation in to me, then I wouldn’t have for example grade 2 in Math, but 6. Please open the school in Klosterzimmern again, it was so nice. Please let all the children and me and my brother go home again!!!

with friendly greetings,

Chassidah Markeli

*Basically what the German phrase, “Nothing brings about nothing” means.


If our children have learned in the supplementary school in Klosterzimmern nothing, they could not obtain such results.

2) As Judge Mrs. Roser correctly observed – and how well you know, too – we love our children and our children love us.

Since your Social service is not able to listen to my human voice as a father, I want to personally share with you my suffering as a father, whose children have already been taken half a year.

Your deputy, Mr. Singer, repeatedly speaks to us of some tactics that I – or we – are supposedly applying and tries to figure out what we’re up to with this. I do not think that Mr. Singer understands and can relate to the suffering of a father and a mother that had to watch our son slowly but surely be destroyed by the INTEGRATION PROCESS that the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) intended.

Our son Addar is no longer the same after being in a promotion program for maladjusted youth for a half a year. Mr. Bischoff, his guardian, the educators in the home and the OLG/higher court (court of appeal) confirmed this.

Already after the first six weeks in “youth protection” he has expressed to us parents and the leaders in the home quite clear that he didn’t trust anyone any more.

The reason for this is that he was lied to by social workers in your Jugendamt from the beginning again and again.

The young people Jedidajah Müller, Helez Schüle and Chayah Markeli can confirm that they all experienced the same thing on that gray morning when they were all transported to the District Office to be examined there immediately. Yes, they were assured that in the homes the young people would be able to make calls immediately with their parents, siblings and friends. But this turned out to be the first deliberate deception of the young people.

When they trustingly got in the car and arrived at the home, they spoke to another social worker with the urgent request to be able to make calls to their parents, who casually explained that he can grant only whatever he promised himself, and that now they neither could have telephone contact, nor have permission to go out, but they would now be in the YOUTH PROTECTION… us parents were taught that our boys were more interested in other things like playing football than phone contacts…

We, parents and children, were deliberately lied to about each other in order to alienate us from one another.

Such things, Mr. Kanth, the boys had never seen in their whole life. But at the hands of the Jugendamt, they now have. Surely all this has happened, as you have said many times publicly, “for the sake of the children.”

Your statement, Mr Kanth, had been that our adolescents were allowed to have any contact with each other or with people outside the community.

From this lie, you and your employees have not distanced yourself to this day!

Terrible enough is the truth that your authority over the last six months has done exactly what you accuse us of doing with our children.

You have tried systematically by your actions to destroy human relationships. Relationships between siblings and between parents and children.

Being a believing Christian you should know that you should never drive a wedge between parents and children. It does not create trust when you lie in such a way to a nearly six-year-olds and eight-year-olds. Germany’s highest professionals testify to that.

And that is not all. At the urging of Chayah for more contacts than what was granted to him, only a weekly ten minute phone conversation with his parents, Mr. Bischoff told him then that he could even completely delete his contact if he was not happy with it.

Threats of this kind many of our children had to experience from your employees.
Threats to take away people
from them, whom they love and they trust.

Do you not know that threats produce fear and distrust? But of course you do!


In cases of adolescents and children who escaped in their despair from the (institutional) homes or foster parents and were brought back by force of the authorities, the contact with the parents was the first thing again locked away with the comment: “The children would have to once again “calm down“…”

We parents here in Klosterzimmern have always encouraged our children to respect authority figures like you and Mr. X (school psychologist) and the police. We have taught them that authority is from God and that good authority rewards good and punishes evil. This, you may not know, is the Word of God.

Our children do not understand why they are being punished now by your social services for loving their parents.

The victims are the children.

When my older son, Chayah, because of his majority (turning eighteen) was allowed to leave the home, he asked in the home and also to your social workers, whether it would be possible, with his brother Addar, to continue to remain in the home until he also would be released, because he saw how hard it was for Addar in such an environment, alone, without his help, to cope with the situation. He, and we, were told that this was not possible without additional funding. I know about the pain of my son Chayah, the long nights that he did not come for months to rest, because his brother in the home was doing worse and worse.

I think I might have gained a greater insight than you of what is going on in such a home, because my wife and I have taken every opportunity to encourage our son and to give him a foothold in life.

But even though you have known my sons, you have not visited a single time, to see how they are doing. Yet you had said that you would visit the children of the Twelve Tribes.

Chayah waited for you, in vain…


St. Nikolaus

When we got to the top, the educator told us:

“Oh, it’s so crazy. In the holidays only those youth are left who can not go home because they either do not have parents (foreign refugees) or because their parents do not want them, and Addar is the only one who wants to go home and is not allowed to return home.”

This lets you know that everyone in the home knew what a suffering we parents were going through. I tried to explain to your staff in the district office that these are not legal objects here, but people who need affection and love. But the response from your staff was that I can not talk on a personal level with him, but only on a legal level – through my lawyer.

Do you know Mr. Kanth, that there are two corridors in the home on the healing therapeutic group: one for boys and one for girls. In the night first both hallways get locked, then the door leading to the staircase and then the front door below. The educators leave the group at 10:00 pm and the night watch comes over once – maybe around 12:00 am. You can think for yourself, what is going on there.

We ourselves were young once and did things that were not so edifying. Exactly these things happen then also there. They drink and noisily and rowdily break into each other’s rooms and clear out all its furniture, or even throw it out of the window and other nonsense. Fisticuffs and brawls are very normal.

When the night guards then comes over from another house, everyone jumps into their bed and then they just keep going. In the morning they are completely finished, grumpy and irritable, and show “unbalanced” behavior. I have suffered a lot with this situation because I didn’t have any control over it and no one in the home did, either.
My children did not belong in such a home; they have never been lawless youth.
Did they have to experience all this?

Did this action of taking our children and subjecting them to such mistreatment really free our children, Mr Kanth?

I am facing the shambles of a soul and I hope that the love I have for my children can make these things right again.

I could tell you the whole night of such situations like this… but even so I don’t have any stones to throw, but these things are true and they may not be denied or twisted.

To be under the peer pressure in such a situation is diabolical and then to come up with psychological advice is as the sand of the desert for a thirsty soul.

Your employees accuse me in court for dramatizing incidents in the home. Here my children have no more confidence in someone who has just lied at them and brought them into this terrible situation and would never entrust them the deep things in their soul. Why would they ever trust those who lied to them?

Reality is that all psychologists, social workers, doctors and lawyers can not replace parents to the children…

yet so many children are suffering because they do not have parents or none who care about them.

Why do you take away those who still have loving parents, to whom nothing is more important than taking care of their children?

3) Finally, I would like to clarify even the slander that has been spoken about me by you and Mr Singer:

I’m not a cult leader and I have never withheld other families from you, nor has any family ever been mentioned to me in any conversation with you, whom you or your office wanted to talk with personally.

This lie about me has penetrated into the court and is constantly being repeated by you.


Mr. Singer has said here in Klosterzimmern in front of witnesses, that it had been planned to have a conversation with individual families – but that then everything happened so fast and that is why they couldnt talk with the individual families any more.

Why does your office always only make excuses? We are talking about the lives of children here, their souls, which your Jugendamt are shattering.

I have not yet met one who would admit that he did not behave properly.

Your employees want strangely enough that our children should be absolutely obedient to them – and so they threaten to cancel the contacts with their parents if they do not.

By the way, Mrs. Link has claimed that all grandparents would be treated the same in the issue of dealing with the children.

This lie was expressed in the hall of the Jugendamt towards us and my father-in-law, and at least fifteen employees of your office.

This is also something that you can not leave at that. Indeed, it is quite clear that some grandparents are given preference and both Mrs. Link and the other employees of the Jugendamt know about it.

Mr. Quaiser now could not even find out the address of his grandchildren from your office, let alone have phone contact with his grandchildren or even to visit. However, if he were against the community of the Twelve Tribes his road would have been paved already as the other grandparents, where contact was immediately granted.

I could continue the list without end.

Certainly you and your staff think that we are criminals…or why else would you treat us like this?

You, personally, Mr. Kanth, have already known our children almost a generation, and delighted in them. Why do you now not show any more interest in their fate?

When I told Mr. Singer, your colleague, that my two boys were detained recently on a weekend all alone in the corridor, as the group drove to have ice cream in the city, and there was no room in the car for everyone, he did not want to believe me.

Are you so unaware of the conditions of the homes?

To this day letters are being censored by your office.

Where do you actually get the permission from to put aside such fundamental human rights?

Do only some Germans have fundamental rights? Is the Basic Law not for everyone?

Can you not see that you are destroying anything good and normal in your prosecutorial approach?

Why do Mrs. Frisch and Mr. Bischoff claim in their report to the court that I play the Jugendamt and the homes against each other?

Can you all claim to not know the truth of what I am trying here to explain ?

I’m not doing reproaching anyone – but is there no one who can understand that I suffer as a father to have to watch my son being ruined?

“If the Jugendamt is concerned to strengthen families, restore and reconcile – why then does no one hear the cry of the children who still want to come back after half a year?

Why have the youth so far all fled and returned back home? Let no man say he loved all the beautiful apples, but he hated the apple tree.

He who thinks of the parents being evil will neither get along with the children who love them. It’s just like that.”

I close with the words of the Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll:

“The violence of words can sometimes be worse than slapping…!”

This sentence he wrote about the power of the tabloid press, which vilified and destroyed the lives of people.


With kind greetings,
Detlef Markeli

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