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Sophie Scholl’s Dream

On the morning of her execution Sophie Scholl had a dream: she carries a child in a white christening gown up a steep hill. Suddenly a crevasse gapes open at her feet. Sophie puts the child on the other side of the abyss…just before she falls into it herself. The child is safe, Sophie is lost.


Judge Roland Freisler

What confidence to face death this dream gave her! Her life and the lives of her friends had not been in vain. The child would live on; as she told her cell mate, Else Gebel, “The baby in the white dress is our idea. It was survive us and succeed despite all pitfalls and obstacles.”*

A few hours later Nazi Judge Roland Freisler in room 216 of the Circuit Court in Munich proclaimed the judgment.

On 22 February 1943, the executioner triggers the guillotine.

Sophie is dead, after not even 22 years on this earth. Her body lies in the abyss, but the vision, the rescued child from the dream survived. The child’s name? FREEDOM.

Carefully Sophie drew these eight large letters (Freiheit) on the back of her indictment. Only decades later, when someone took the Scholl indictment in hand and turned it over, is the silent legacy discovered.

Germany recently celebrated the 71st anniversary of their execution. She had already become the “Woman of the Century.” Much honor to her and her companions – yes, they are due all of it.

But the child FREEDOM, how has she fared? Did she latter fall into the abyss as Sophie did?

Despite her young age Sophie decided to die for her conviction of conscience rather than to cowardly deny the voice of her heart:

I still hold the opinion, that I have done the best that I could do for my people. I therefore do not regret my action and do not want the consequences that result from my actions to be taken from me. ~ Sophie Scholl

On the day of her execution, she spoke of the great worth of their sacrifice – hers and Hans and Christopher Probst – if it succeeded in waking up thousands of others.

Wake them up to what? The knowledge of right and wrong conscience gives!

Read the Leaflets, O Germany! All six of them. They apply more than you think to the country TODAY. Sophie gave up her life; she fought in the hope of arousing the great German people from their moral torpor. Did she? Or did she die in vain?

Torpor, a noun: dullness; sluggishness; inactivity; as, a torpor of the mental faculties.

Did Sophie Scholl fight in vain?

As it stands today to people like us who have a conviction and cling to it in spite of new laws that go against that deep conviction…it looks very much like she lived and died in vain. Yes, to people like us it seems like Germany has heroes in the White Rose they celebrate but do not imitate. No doubt everyone does, but such praise of the courage of others when one is oneself a coward points directly to a lack of character…like an arrow hitting home.


White Rose Leaflet 4, page 1

In the 4th Leaflet of the White Rose they spoke of parenting, just simple wisdom that all parents knew to be true: ‘He who does not want to hear, must feel.’


Such an opinion no one can hold in our days, because people who do such a thing will be persecuted. We can testify! They will have their children taken from them! Sophie’s child would be taken from her today and thrown into the abyss of foster-care.

Consider the following: the Scholl siblings were executed by our fathers, because they spoke up opposing the war. But if the resistance fighters of the “White Rose” lived today, their children would be taken from them, because those children would be chastened. They would raise them with exactly these consequences: “Who does not hear must feel.”

Nowadays it is believed that children no longer should be chastised. To this foolishness everyone conforms. Thus we see the values and the laws change, but the spirit remains the same.

But God’s Word does not change and neither does the inner law that all men know. It can be suppressed by the laws of men, and called evil, but it is not. It is good to love your child and discipline them for not listening to you. Just ask the White Rose…but would you listen to their answer?

As Sophie Scholl famously put it: ‘The law is changing — not the conscience.’

The laws also changed at that time. The human conscience did not. But only a few stood up at the time. Nobody said anything in 1943 when the siblings Scholls were executed…the vast majority were quiet, just like today.

Are we celebrating the courage of the Scholl siblings rightly, if we watch in silence as those who stand up today are sentenced again? The older generation of Germans who were still raised tightly by their loving parents, do they now stand up for what is right? Do they stand up for what their conscience calls good and true?

Anyone who understands good ethics and morals, how right and wrong must guide one’s choices, knows how children learn these things. They would not condemn us for how we educate our children.

But just like then the majority is silent, although their conscience and their common sense say that a child must be educated with boundaries and consequences.


“Return to the clear moral principles, to the rule of law, the trust of one person to another; this is not illegal, but conversely the production of legality. ~ Kurt Huber”


Professor Kurt Huber, executed for resistance to the Nazi regime.

Another fellow “fighter” of Hans and Sophie Scholl was the Philosphy professor Kurt Huber. On 19 April 1943, in his defense speech before the People’s Court, said: “Return to the clear moral principles, to the rule of law, the trust of one person to another; this is not illegal, but conversely the production of legality.”

He was beheaded on 13 July 1943.

Then it was clear the voice of conscience fell into the abyss of death. Where is it today?

To this day, German compulsory schooling still teaches the most important lesson in life, which is to conform. Just go with it, no matter what your heart tells you – no matter what the wisdom of the older generation teaches – just don’t rock the boat – just don’t get into trouble. Because if you did…

What would people think?

“I consider it a difficult fact that the parents are living in a community of believers, that lives according to the guidelines of the Bible. Therefore it seems difficult to estimate, how much the parents would be able to distance themselves from spanking.” (Excerpt from a court record.)

This fact stands out: at least the court can read the Bible.

At least they are open in their opposition to doing what the Bible says.

Government policy is clearly anti-Biblical.

They only seek to uphold that policy.

They only do their job.

They only obey orders.

Can you, O people of Germany, read the Bible, too? Do you care what it says? Do you agree that those who live according to its guidelines should be outlawed? And should lose their children?

If so, you are like most of those who lived in the days of the “White Rose”. They did nothing. They conformed – they adapted simply, clearly, immediately to whatever was going on. No matter how bad everything was – joining the crowd was the best and the safest that anyone could act. Everyone understood.

So many applauded when Hans and Sophie Scholl were executed. Just as it is today, hardly anyone understands what really happens and conforms – no matter how bad it is in our society. Most applauded when the children of the Twelve Tribes were unlawfully removed by police power from their families.

How many applaud when they run away and come home to those same families?

Testimony of the Scholl Parents

Her father and mother were standing outside the courtroom, boldly and with vision for the future: Magdalene: “Let me in, I am the mother of the two accused.”


Robert and Magdelene Scholl

“Aha, the mother,” replied the guard. “You should have raised them better – taught them better manners.”

Robert Scholl, the father, was escorted forcibly from the courtroom. He left the room with the words: “One day there will be a different kind of justice! One day they will be written down in history.”

Yes, they have gone down in history. They are famous. But what influence did the example of Hans and Sophie Scholl and all the other heroes have on our life? Should we not heed their words? Yes, the message of the White Rose remains:

The law changes. The conscience does not.

That is their legacy to us. Does anyone care? They wanted to arouse people to stand up against injustice. What would Sophie Scholl have to say to the Germany of the day? Praise for the freedoms of conscience and worship and the high regard given the family? Would they stand with the court quoted above. Nay, surely not!!

Would she not say the same thing today the Son of God said to the leaders of His time?

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the graves the righteous and say, “If we had to lived the days of our fathers, we would not be with them become guilty of the blood of the prophets! This testifies you from yourselves that you are sons of those who have killed the prophets. Well, well you do it to the measure of your fathers! (Matthew 23.29 to 32)

Sophie Scholl must have known in her heart that there is a Creator who holds her life in His hands.

One thing is certain. One day, everyone will stand before his Creator and be judged on how they obeyed their conscience.



The Jews were back than shown by Hitler as brutal animals, who secretly ate their children. This image excited the disgust of every normal human being and so they were able to subsequently be easily marginalized in society. From there it was a short step to the ghettos. The “Jew lie” made it easy to ignore human rights and paved the way to the concentration camp. And the concentration camp opened the door to the gas chamber.

Worms, Antisemitische Presse, "Stürmerkasten"

On September 9, 2013 the RTL reporter managed on the basis of false witnesses and illegal filming to start a smear campaign against the Faith community of the “Twelve Tribes”: ‘RTL discovered child abuse at twelve tribes.’

In the headlines on 5 September 2013 were the dramatic reports of a large police operation where all 40 children of our communities of believerers were taken into state custody. According to Mr. Kanth, head of the Youth Office Donau-Ries, abused, marked children were expected who would be glad to be freed. What was expected was not observed, but no one seemed to notice. And they still don’t.

For the past six long months the media reports of “violence allegations and beating allegations and abuse allegations,” in connection with the removal of custody of our children. But the truth is that on the day of the “taking into care” immediately at the District Office they conducted medical examination and no abused children were found and despite intensive examination further on no signs of ill-treatment to the children were found.

NEVER has any abuse of the children been discovered. But what does that matter? What does the truth matter today?

If the truth doesn’t matter about us, it doesn’t matter about anyone…as we have found out, and you will too.

Actually, there are numerous medical certificates and psychological evaluations at hand, that testify, that the children have always been well. But no one seems to notice.

A ruler who adheres to lies, all his officials become villains. (Proverbs 29:12 )


The Jugendamt continues to spread lies…

The Jugendamt (Youth Office) and the courts meanwhile continue to spread these allegations. Employees of the responsible Jugendamt unfortunatly didn’t know the individual families before the violent removal, because they NEVER had contacted them personally.

The reports of the school psychologist, who over a period of ten years, creating performance assessments of students in Klosterzimmern, are not regarded. They are ignored. Why is that?

Now after many months of separation of parents and children and rigorous ban on contact, psychologists seek to find out whether the children would be damaged under the education (upbringing) of their parents. They seek to draw conclusions about the past, because they had not been informed previously of the state of the children.

They saw the RTL feature film, in which even the Jugendamt manager has played a part.

Even Dr. Reipen, Government Director of Swabia, refers to the illegally obtained footage as “Evidence” of abuse.

Our children have now separated from their parents for six months on the basis of the allegations. Now that these children are quite traumatized, one finds gradually out that these allegations are not true.

The older children have fled from the homes and returned to their parents and since then partly officially returned. They were six months illegally housed in homes and foster families. They could “credibly assure that they will not be abused.”

But they were never abused…as the school psychologists, the school officials, the Jugendamt even, and the thousands of guests at our Hoffests knew already. Yes, they knew. But who speaks up?

The first public prosecution has now been called off. Meanwhile, the Family Court will now Check “Education suitability” of the parents. One knows from the case Mollath and others that 95% of the time the court-appointed expert always find against the defendants and for their “employer” (the judges). It threatens the final withdrawal of parental custody.


Herr Alfred Kanth (Jugendamtsleiter)

Where now are those who still pretend about “the welfare of children”? Why has the Jugendamt manager never  visited the children, whom he has personally known from the Klosterzimmern School, in the last 6 months? Why does he not inquire about, among other things, their well-being? Talk to them — ask them where they want to live — if they are doing all right? Perhaps he is ashamed. Would it be hard for him now to look the children in the eyes, children for the most part that he has known personally for many years?

And why does he not respond to their letters of petition that they want to go home? Or is it simply hard for the officials to admit a mistake? Access to the files the Jugendamt doesn’t want to give to us – probably they have something to hide. Maybe it’s once again more important to look good and “to save one’s own skin” then to have actual, true concern for the welfare of “cult children.”

Is there no one alive any more with moral courage?


* From “A Noble Treason: The Story of the White Rose and the Revolt Against Hitler,” by R. Hansen (Ignatius Press, 2012), p. 245.