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Little voices… crying out… some not even old enough to make clear words or sentences, yet you can understand – “help” “children” “parents” “Germany”… Then come the booming voices of the 5 and 6 year old children clearly, loudly begging for the children in the far away tribe of Levi… then all the rest… crying out with all their hearts…

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Recently some of us had the opportunity to travel across the US and were able to go to several of our communities. In each community we visited we were amazed, for in every place it was exactly the same. When it came time to pray, the children’s voices rose up quickly from every corner of the room… Their little voices, so clear and so pure, begging their Abba in heaven to rescue the children of Levi.

They pray for “servants in places of authority”, “that the children would not be deceived”, that “the children would not be defiled by the things of the world”, loudly “bring the children back to their parents”, and “do not let the parents lose their courage to stand”, and on and on go up the little prayers.

The children are not growing weary… the prayers from the little ones this morning at our morning gathering in Vista are just as fervent as the day of the Raid nearly 6 months ago at the Wake Up Call on Yom Teruah.

Now there are two more children who have escaped (at least partially) from the grasp of those who would destroy the Tribe of Levi in Germany. And we will give thanks and praise to YHWH, our God, who hears His little children.

We were so thankful for the zeal of all the little ones who pray. When asked what they were thankful for during the story last night, one little six-year-old child raised his hand quickly, almost without thinking, “That I do not have to go to public school!” he proclaimed.

They realize that being forced to go to public school is also one of the great injustices the children of Levi are being compelled to endure at this time.