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Chassidah, now an 11-year-old girl, runs home!

After further discussions with her complemental caregiver* from social services and other letters to the Higher Regional Court of Munich, Chassidah was left with no more hope to be set free by the court. Now she had been away from home for more than six months and still no end in sight. That’s why without a second thought she ran away on Tuesday night, March 11, 2014, and returned home.


Chassidah at home, happy with her friends. That’s Dabeqah, age 17, released Dec. 4, 2013.

(The following video is available to view, in German, at “Markeli Familie wieder vereint!“)


Video translation:

“I am Chassidah Markeli, I am 11 years old. I wanted to see my parents and my siblings, because I have missed them very much. That’s why I took off. Actually I was not doing well in the children’s home. Yes, I did get along well with the educators and the girls, but everything was not the way I was used to.

I was not used to it, that they were always striving with one another and the educators were screaming at them.

I had written many letters to the judge and also to Judge Roser, but no one listened to me.”


Her brother, Addar: in the “hoosegow”

[slang for jail]

Also her brother Addar had to live in a Youth-help-facility apart from his family since the raid on September 5th, 2013. At first, his 17 year old brother Chayah was with him, but Chayah returned home already in October, because he became of age.

Even though his parents and his brother visited him regularly, Addar felt like he was in the hoosegow.

Addar’s letter to his judge (translation follows).



Dürrlauingen, Dec. 30, 2013

Your Honor Mr. Prexel,

Hello, my name is Addar and I was brought here on September 5th against my will. I wanted to tell you a little bit of how I am doing here.

I am locked in day after day, until my parents come once a week. To me that is unjust, that all the other youths can go home every other weekend, but not me. Especially now in the holidays it feels like torture. I hang around and I almost do nothing except sit around.

On the other hand, all the other youth of our community that were 14 years or older were allowed to return home, only me, I have to stay here in this “hoosegow”. [Slang for jail.]

I am already 15 years old and have never experienced any violence.

I don’t see any reason to remain any longer in this facility.

In the last three months here I have worked in the wood shop and the metal shop, which showed once again that I am capable of things and that there is no need for me to stay here for 3 years.

It was planned for me to have my Bar Mitzvah in autumn with another youth, but I was hindered in this through the intervention of the Jugendamt (youth office).

Since I miss all the members of the community very much, I desire to be allowed to return home as soon as possible.

Therefore I plead with you to reconsider the possibility to repeal the decision of judge Roser and to restore the right of my parents to take care of me.

With best regards,

Addar Markeli


On the morning after Chassidah’s flight, suddenly the decision of the judge of the OLG (appeals court) was finalized. Her brother Addar was set free the same day…


A hearty “Welcome Home” for Addar.


Addar is so happy!


We missed you so very much


And already one can see him with his friends in the farm.


Unfortunately the decision for Chassidah turned out negative. Why? No reasons mentioned yet…

Chassidah is very disappointed… She determines that her mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the Jugendamt and courts must end.



Dear Mr. judge Prexl, 3/12/2014

I heard that you made the decision that I cannot go home. I am so disappointed, because I had hoped you would help me and set me free finally. Instead Mr. Bishoff and Ms. Frisch from the Jugendamt came on Wednesday to me. I had hoped very much that they would tell me that I could go home to Klosterzimmern. Instead they came and threatened me that they would cancel my phone contacts, if I didn’t behave properly in the home. I don’t understand that at all.

First they take me away from my parents and my siblings and then they prohibit the contact with my sister and now they come with such threats.

I cannot live under threats.

I have tried till now to make the best out of it, but now I can’t any longer. I have kept my word, but now I had to go home.

Chassidah Markeli



* They use this term for someone who has not all the legal rights which a guardian has, but substitutes the guardian in a certain situation in certain responsibilities.