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The letter in this post was written 18 February 2014

Here is Chassidah in the “lovely home” full of locked doors and high walls that the Jugendamt provided for her after wrenching her from her beautiful home and family in Klosterzimmern on 5 September 2013.


This is where Chassidah was forced to live, against her own desire, her own will, by the Jugendamt.

For half a year Chassidah has let it be known every day:

Yes, for six months she has told the educators in the home, teachers at school, the Jugendamt (youth welfare office), her supplemental caretaker and lawyers and different judges:

I want to go home! I do not belong here!

She wrote it on her training books in school…

she wrote it on her arms…

she wrote it in place of answers on her tests…

she wrote it in every plan for events: “Don’t plan me in, for I’m not going to be here anymore.”


It is too sad, she told her parents, that no one is listening to their conscience, that no one is hearing her voice. It would be her birthday in a few days, and all she wanted to do was be with her parents and honor them by taking on their heart.

But no one seemed to hear. After the hearing in February, according to the Higher Regional Court in Munich, she wrote the following to the judge, Herr Prexl:


Dear Mr. Prexl

Do you remember when you asked me at the hearing several times to promise you that I will not escape before you have decided something?

In the Bible in Matthew 5:37, the son of God has said, “Let your speech be yes, yes, and no, no! Everything else is from the evil one.” My parents also taught me that one must keep his word, even if it is difficult.

For me it’s also not easy to keep waiting, but I have promised you not to run away from the home and I want to respect it. I have only one question to you:

What I have done, that the Jugendamt always promises me things that they do not do?

For example, I asked for 5 months if my big sister would be allowed to visit me, but never did anyone listen to me.

Chassidah mit ihrer Schwester Judith

Chassidah with her sister, Judith.

Only once, when my sister flew back to America again was she allowed to come. Then the Jugendamt allowed afterwards that my sister may call me once a week. Because of that I was very delighted.

Then, a few weeks later she suddenly has not called and I did not know at all why. I could not make sense of it at all and no one told me anything about that.

Recently, I had learned by chance that her call had just not been forwarded to me in the home, because social services has said that she suddenly may only call once a month. The Jugendamt does not keep its word!

Why had the Jugendamt said nothing to me about it?

My dad has always kept his word.

Please let me go back to my family. There, everything is much nicer.

I want to go home!

friendly greetings,
Chassidah Markeli


See the next post, the “Markeli family is together again!” for what happened a few weeks later.