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“What is truth?”a judge once asked.

He was high representative of powerful politicians who had a powerless defendant before him. In contrast to the present time he struggled within himself, why this MAN, standing before him, was indicted. He rolled no legal texts around like toys, according to which he would be able to declare this man guilty. No. “What is truth?” the question gnawed painfully at his soul.

On 1 November 2013, the RTL reporter displayed more of his brand of the truth…”the truth through fabrication.” Or to put it more simply, “the truth is whatever I want it to be.”

In a scene made in a garage, a car drove off. Through the blurred window of the rear side door one could guess to see Eva and Merea Krumbacher.


Conclusion of the RTL film from November 1, 2013: “The kidnapping of the two girls from the sect Twelve Tribes was obviously well planned.

“That was all organized… ”

The music accomplishes the rest. It stalks the feelings. The text is compelling. Conclusion of the RTL film from 03/11/2013: “Fathers of the Twelve Tribes kidnap their children.

Pilate_BeholdThe witnesses engendered by the scribes had not been able to convince the judge. Instinctively, he recognized the motives of the accusers: jealousy and envy. Pilate finds himself all alone in this judicial decision. His wife slipped him a note. “I had a terrible dream. The man is innocent.”

Pilate wrestles in himself. He only has a helper – his conscience. The man being tried has done nothing for which he deserved to die – he tells the crowd of teachers of the law just that. There is an uproar as they are not there to see justice done, but to see a man executed. They turn to their next weapon, threats.


The second film does not miss its effect. It has a resounding effect, just like a ball that hits its goal.

Reaction of the press:

Quote from a newspaper from November 2, 2013, the DONAU-RIES NEWS:


And finally parents and children or helpers and children succeed to contact and organize an escape. Here the question must be asked: Who has failed? Here you have an urgent matter. So far, the story was not really come to the public. Now other parents might be encouraged in their intentions, to get their children back and eventually settle with them in other countries.


Conclusions can be drawn as in this newspaper. The seed has germinated, that the RTL reporter has sown.

All the accusers are crying out: The man pretends to be a king. Whoever makes himself a king is no friend of Caesar. We have only one king and that is Caesar. The judge sees himself forced into a psychological quandary. He wants to do the right thing, but now he himself is threatened. Their words are no idle threat, either.

Reaction of the youth office:

On 7 November 2013, the Jugendamt (Youth Office) responds immediately to this second film.

Increased surveillance of all children in the Twelve Tribes is placed. Teachers are encouraged to accompany the children of the Twelve Tribes to the buses. Foster parents and homes are immediately alerted and placed in highest readiness.

In a November 7, 2013 from the Landratsamt (District Office) charging the workers of the home in Dürrlauingen, saying:




Because of the latest events make sure that the children of Twelve Tribes have no way of escape or being taken. Teachers or helpers should accompany children to the bus…




Reaction of the Court

In the protocol of the hearing before Judge Roser, the Krumbacher parents testify that their children have maintained many contacts with relatives and acquaintances. This makes no difference, as the statements of the parents usually make no difference. Who are they, anyway?

The court says later, “Since it’s been proven that the children of the Twelve Tribes live so closed off from the living environment, and were permitted no contact with the outside world, the girls do not even know how to ride a train and therefore someone must have helped them escape.”

Judge Ms. Roser asks at the hearing of the parents if the Jugendamt will report the escape assistance, otherwise she would do it herself.


Reaction in politics

Quote from the Augsburger Allgemeine, November 5, 2013:

Margarete Bause

Margarete Bause


“The 10 and 17 year old girls were probably hijacked by members of the Twelve Tribes from their foster family to Switzerland,” parliamentary leader Margarete Bause said on Tuesday in Munich. “The evidence indicates that the children were…”


“What is truth?” the judge is still struggling within himself with his conscience. He knows that this                                                                                                           man does not deserve to die.

The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels they slide down into the heart of man. (Proverbs 26.22 )

The word insinuation was Germanized from the Latin: It means that you blame someone, laying on them a charge or misrepresentation…and this is done with an evil intent. It penetrates to the subconscious. An insinuation leaves a deep impression on the soul.


Mark Twain




A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is getting its shoes on. (Mark Twain)



What is the truth?

German newspaper “Sueddeutsche” on November 11, 2013 saying: ”…the cause of Eva and Merea disappearing is not clear yet.”

Screenshot03-from-2014-03-06-221141Gerhard Karl, Ansbach prosecutor, stated clearly, “The children were not abducted… and they stayed entirely voluntarily at their grandmother’s in Switzerland “

The Ansbach prosecution has clearly stated that the parents of Eva and Merea Krumbacher did NOT kidnap their children nor have them kidnapped. But what does that matter? The truth is what the RTL network says it is.

Isn’t that an amazing power — to be able to define the truth? Such susceptibility to crass manipulation is the very highly prized fruit of compulsory education. It is essential to social control by the governing authorities. Everyone must be controlled, so everyone must go to school.

Pilate had at least recognized that the man was INNOCENT. He did not take the matter  easily. He wrestled with his conscience, he knew that the Son of God had not murdered or called for a rebellion. According to the custom of the Romans one of the prisoners could be pardoned. Pilate asked: “Do you want the king of the Jews or Barabbas, a murderer and instigator of violence?”

No one responds to what the Ansbacher prosecution has brought to light.

Prosecution or Persecution?

The consciences of authorities, judges, and the police seem to be asleep. They seem to know the truth in spite of the evidence. Or they seem to have a pre-determined goal in this prosecution that the truth must not get in the way of.

Or is it persecution? So, the prosecutor does not act, but the social workers, the judges, and the politicians call for action. So there is not prosecution, but persecution, because all these officials can inflict harm, suffering, and punishment apart from any conviction of guilt. And they do just that. That is persecution because these officials do not “approve” of the loyalty of the parents of the Twelve Tribes to the Word of God.


It can hardly be denied that today the RTL reporter may deserve this high official recognition. He seems to be a veritable servant of the state and counsellor to political parties.

Nevertheless, a reader of a newspaper has “requested for the RTL reporter the Federal Order of Merit” in a letter. (Rieser news in early February 2014 “Letters to the editor.”)

The insinuation thus remains.

The staged parts of the RTL film which pretend how “Twelve Tribes fathers” allegedly kidnap their children, have  been “conveniently” refinished. If you look at the RTL film from November 1, 2013 now, you will no longer find the scene in the garage.

The reporter has managed to raise a picture or image that has manipulated the whole of Germany very consistently. This is the kind of character modern Germany looks to.

Der Stürmer

I know such a thing only in connection with the lies told against the Jews several generations ago. They were initially represented by propaganda by the Nazi system as brutal animals who would secretly eat children. The fact that this image aroused the disgust of any normal person made it easy later on to socially marginalize them and to ship them into ghettos. And then concentration camps.

Translation of upper sign: With the Stürmer against Judah:

Worms, Antisemitische Presse, "Stürmerkasten"

Nazi soldiers along with other Germans reading a Stürmer publication

Translation of lower sign: “The Jews are our misery”

“Der Stürmer” (stormer/warrior) was the Nazi Newspaper

The image about the Jews created by lies made it easy to rob them of their human rights and to pave the way to Auschwitz…


Can anyone yet judge the truth in Germany? It is more than the character assassination of one family at stake here.


Read about the Krumbacher family.