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From a young man of the Tribe of Levi (Germany)

Living in this tribe I am very thankful for the circumstances our Father is bringing into our lives. We are learning a lot lately about our rights and the history of our country. One evening we watched a film called, “Sophie Scholl, the Last Days,” which was made in Munich in 2005.

sophiescholl.photo04Sophie was a member of the “White Rose“ resistance group, who stood up against the Nazi (National Socialist) regime of Hitler in 1942-3. At the age of 21 she and others were full of zeal to distribute flyers calling for resistance against the evil tyrant. They tried to stop the Nazi (National Socialist) government with all their heart. But sadly, as history tells, she and her brother and others were caught by the Gestapo and interrogated for several days.They spoke with conviction and exposed how wicked the government was and how they wanted the Germans to stand up and separate themselves from that evil.

But there was no one to defend them. Everyone was a coward. So they were judged as traitors of the German nation and sentenced to death.

So now for me, growing up here, we don’t see films too often, but when we do see films about people who died for their conviction, it really affects me and wakes me up. Those people still had a conscience. At such a young age, they knew somehow that this was worth dying for rather than just being cowards, forfeiting their rights. And they still gave thanks even in the midst of their great suffering. They knew that there was a God who was in  control of their lives. It was comforting to see how they stuck together right before their execution. They did not accuse one another. Their father was so proud of them.*

The young woman’s last words were, “The sun is still shining,” before she was led into the dark room where she was beheaded.

I am thankful that these things were written down for us so that we could learn from those who went before us. I don’t think we would be here if they hadn’t risen up. I am thankful for the examples we have, and to know that one day even worse times are going to come upon us, but there is going to be grace!

P.S. Germany is celebrating this month the 71st anniversary of Sophie’s death. Now she is Germany’s “Woman of the Century.”

David Derush Poreh (20) ben Tahar Takif


But why? Why does anyone applaud Sophie Scholl?

David has reason to rejoice in the uprightness of Hans and Sophie and all the rest of the “White Rose.” He too is standing up for what is right in the face of evil laws and a society that no longer cares for what is right and wrong. But why should anyone else celebrate their courage? Do they imagine they have the same courage?

Do older Germans, who were disciplined by their loving parents, now stand up and speak for what is right? Do they stand up for what their conscience tells them is good and true? A precious few do…but the vast majority are silent today, as they were in 1943, when the Scholls were executed.

So look, right here in the fourth pamphlet, the “White Rose” Resistance Movement speaks of child discipline as one of the commonplace realities of life — just a normal occurrence that everyone knows about — and which can be used as a simple, obvious example of how moral lessons are taught!

Yes, consider the opening words of Leaflet 4 from the White Rose about the normal, shared-by-all wisdom of child discipline! 


White Rose Leaflet 4, page 1 of 2.


There is an ancient maxim that we repeat to our children: “He who won’t listen will have to feel.” (Wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen.)

{Text of Leaflet 4 is at http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/revolt/wrleaflets.html}

Those who say such things should be arrested, right?

Consider it; your fathers executed them for speaking against the War. But if the “White Rose” lived today wouldn’t they have their children taken from them for discipline…for making them feel the consequences of not listening?

And wouldn’t you applaud, too, just as they did? Anyone who understands morality and how children learn right from wrong, would not condemn us for loving our children enough to discipline them. And that is why so many do condemn us.

Really, almost everyone in the days of the White Rose did not understand anything at all, just that conforming to the way things were — no matter how bad they were — was the best and safest way to be. They applauded when Hans and Sophie were put to death. Today no one understands anything at all but conforming to the way things are…no matter how bad they are. Today’s generation applauded when our children were taken.

The values change, “Spanking is good” to “spanking is bad,” but the spirit remains the same from the days of the White Rose to the days of the Twelve Tribes. Conformity is best!

That’s why the government insists on children going to public school — there they learn the most important lesson of life: conform, just go along with the way things are. Yes, listen to the “experts” and obey their wisdom…even when your heart screams that it is wrong…just obey…conform…go along…stay out of trouble. Your fathers did it before you.

If you would like to understand modern Germany from the Scholls’ point of view, read “Would the White Rose Blossom Today?” (Or would it freeze to death?)


Robert and Magdalene Scholl


* Their father and mother were indeed outstanding parents, courageous, with far-sighted vision:

“[At the trial, the Scholls tried to enter the courtroom.] Magdalene said to the guard: “But I’m the mother of two of the accused.”

“Aha, the mother!” said the guard. “You should have brought them up better.”

…Robert Scholl was seized and forcibly escorted from the courtroom. As he went, the whole auditorium heard him shout: “One day there will be another kind of justice! One day they will go down in history!” {R. Hanser, “A Noble Treason: The Story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Revolt” (1979), p. 252}

Yes, they have gone down in history. But as many have said of the Resurrection of the Savior Himself, “So what? What difference does it make in anyone’s life? Why should He have lived and died if no one is like Him?”

Yes, what difference does the example of Hans and Sophie and the rest make if no one is like them? Remember Sophie’s words:

Laws change, conscience doesn’t.

Everyone will have to answer to God for their obedience to their conscience.