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Dear friends all over the world,

I wanted to write a little bit about our courageous daughter Nechonah. We are in a real battle – a war with many giants and we’ll never be the same again! We are experiencing things that I only used to read about in our Readers, or in the Bible, or in books.

Last week our daughter Nechonah ran away from the foster home. She had just one desire burning in her – to be home with her parents and her friends. The social services (who don’t serve us at all) wanted her back. Phone call after phone call followed – we refused, they insisted. Finally we invited them to Klosterzimmern. Their statement was: “As long as you go along with what you write in your website, we can’t return your children.”

2014.02.12_ConfrontationWe told them that Nechonah doesn’t want to go back and that we support her in this decision. In the afternoon the social services came back with a few policemen. Their cars were racing on our property but Nechonah was faster, hiding in a secure place. The police officer was threatening us with imprisonment, and together with the people from the Jugendamt they forced themselves into our house.

Obediyah got riled up. “Could you please show us your search warrant!” It took them a while to find the one from September 5. “This is not valid,” Obediyah said. “We don’t have a ‘Twelve Tribes Property.’ This is private property!”

We called our lawyer, he couldn’t come. We only got hold of him on the phone. The police officer refused to talk with him. They forced themselves upstairs and looked in all the rooms, calling Nechonah. No one answered (“My sheep know the voice of the good shepherd”).KLZConfrontation

The people from the social services continued threatening us in hopes we would give them our daughter. I was so terrified, finished and didn’t know what to think. But still we didn’t give them what doesn’t belong to them. Children belong to their parents!

Although I was so terrified, I was so glad Nechonah was still with us. Every day we were expecting the police to come back. The only way to find her, is to send many, many policemen. Were they going to do this? Well, not yet. The next day Nechonah called her custodian. She asked her if she could stay at home with her parents, where she is happy. All she got was a “No!” And in the end a few more threats.

Nechonah was very courageous, standing firm during all this pressure. To be honest, my courage and faith is very, very small, but through the fearless stand our daughter is making I am able to grow in faith. Be still and wait and trust. Next week the judge will send his ruling about whether she can stay with us or not.

We pray with all of our hearts for this.

Your friend Sh’maryah, wife of Sharat


“The forced themselves upstairs…”


Search for Nechonah.

Perhaps you have realized by now the fundamentally illegal and immoral nature of the German government’s intrusion into our life. They forced themselves upstairs apart from a search warrant valid for that day and that child. There was no basis in law for what they did. But be sure of this, if they had found Nechonah, they would have taken her.

Might makes right, doesn’t it? The guns they bear give them all the “right” they need to act…as long as public opinion is in their favor.


There has never been a basis in morality for any act of theirs, beginning with their invasion of our homes and families on 5 September 2013.


Causing a little one to stumble

Those too young to run away, to have a voice, must be returned immediately. If they are turned away from their parents, the guilt is immense. God gave them to their parents. Who are they to take them away? But if they cause them to stumble, to love the world and the things of the world, their guilt is immeasurable. It can only be hinted at in verses like this:

Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:5-6)

The millstone is only beneficial before you cause a little one to stumble, to love the world and to turn against his parents, betraying them and their faith. A millstone around the neck is not the punishment for the crime of causing a little one to stumble. That punishment is the eternal lake of fire.

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