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Is this what awaits Nechonah?

A belated report of how two Swiss nationals were seized in Switzerland and returned to Germany on the Authority of the Jugendamt.

And so this constitutes a very current report of how the Jugendamt lies to the people of Germany.

First published from her parent’s point of view on November 9, 2013: “Bericht von Augenzeugen.”


Eva Krumbacher


The following is from Eva Krumbacher, whom we call by her Hebrew name, Havah.

Read her “Diary of an Abused Girl,” which was published in English on 3 January 2014.

Pages 26-28 of the Diary (which also contains her letter to Bundeskanzlerin (Reich Chancellor) Frau Angela Merkel, recounts the following harrowing story as well.


Switzerland, Friday morning, November 8, 2013…

This morning I was happy. Tomorrow is the Sabbath. I was there with my sister Merea dessert and bread for tomorrow evening to bake. Imma and Abba* have been on the road this morning since 7:00 clock.

It was three clock in the afternoon. Abba and Imma should soon be home. As the bell rang outside. I went to see who it was but a finger was on the small peephole. I ran back and told my grandmother about it. She went and called through the door: “Who’s there?”

Someone said his name. Carefully she opened the door.

Two Swiss police officers crowded into the house. Hardly inside the door they said that they have come to pick Merea and me up.

We were in the kitchen. They came in and told us that we should pack a few important things. We cried and cried.

The policeman said I had five minutes. I tried stalling for time. I held on to Merea. Grandma pulled her to the shoes. She wanted that we would come to more peace. Merea screamed and two policemen came carry out for them. I shouted at her that they should wait for my parents for should be within ten minutes there.

They answered: “No”.

I said, “You can not make take me out of the country. I’m Swiss.”

A policeman was shocked. The other said, “But she is not Swiss.”

I shouted, “I’m Swiss!”

I ran into the other room to look for to seek my identity card. They jumped up to grab me. I searched frantically but I only found Hanna’s identity. I pointed to it: “Here, this is my sister.”

But that did not believe me.

They grabbed me and pushed me to the chair, dressed me in my boots stuffed me in my jacket and dragged me get out. I screamed as loud as I could. No neighbors came out to rescue me.

I was soooo helpless.

They pushed me into the car and strapped me down. I was silent. Merea cried and cried. I called my parents. I said, “They are taking us to Germany.

My parents followed us to the German border. When they saw our Swiss papers they were surprised. But it was too late.

Merea and I pounded against the windows. I needed to use the restroom so urgently. Merea also. We wanted our parents embrace but they did not allow that. We went crying to the restrooms.

When we came back we tore ourselves suddenly out of their claws off and ran to our parents. After a brief discussion, we were forced to go along with the German police and our parents could follow us to the police station follow. We sat in the hallway of the police  station five hours with our parents.

Then came the Jugendamt (Youth Office): Mr. Singer, Mr. Ziegler, Frau Kundinger, and two other women.

My parents went up to them to talk with them about us. We prayed that our Father does a miracle and allow us go home, to leave this place, but no! My parents both came back and wept. I wish we simply could all just die!

I shouted at the police, ‘Are you here to protect people and to save them or are you here to deliver us to these evil enemies?’

The police man did not answer me.

“This is abuse. I have never been so abused! We are the ones who ran away (from foster care). We ran for our lives and now you are handing us over to them again? We will die!”

A police officer came over and told me stop. I would only make it worse for Merea if I continue my feelings would express. He wanted me to promise him I would be quiet.

I said, “I am still, if you give me only promise that we are not to be separated.”

He agreed with me and went to speak to the Jugendamt (youth welfare office). He came back, but he could not help me, he could not promise, so I told him they were the biggest child abusers in the world. We screamed more and more, weeping. He told me to calm to be but I said that I would not because he had not given his promise.

The police brought from somewhere a “pastor” from the Red Cross to talk to me.

They thought I was crazy.

I yelled at him do not talk to me. I was totally normal and would only my use the brain and that I was not at all would be crazy, but if he wanted to know why would I conduct myself so, I would tell him. I said: “The abuse us! They take us away from our parents and on top of that they are separating me from my sister!”

Wicked Frau Kundinger grabbed Merea and began to walk away with her. I knew Merea could not even kiss our parents goodbye. I quickly embraced my parents and ran after Merea.

I clung tightly to her. Merea was screaming bloody murder that they taking her away from me. They tore her away from me.

The last thing I heard from her was: “Promise me that tonight I with can sleep my sister. Please promise me! Please…” and then I shouted loud cries, too.


Saturday morning, November 9, 2013…

Police ordered her to be quiet and there were cold answers from Frau Kundinger and Herr Singer. We were four hours on the road and came two clock in the morning to a village.

“Where is Merea?” I asked. “You tell me. I will not do anything before you tell me that…”

But they only responded: “She is in the other car.” It was raining and super cold outside and I had hardly anything to war so I followed them into the house. I spoke not a word.

They asked if I had a cell phone.

I said, “No.”

Mr. Singer said that he thought that I would have one.

I said, “No.”

The woman, who had taken charge of us asked if they search my bag could.

I said, “No.”

So they came to the conclusion that I would have one and that they my bag would search.

I said, “No!” And I said, “The woman can search my bag without you all because I hate you for what you do and what you are.”

Mr. Singer remarked sarcastically: “OK. Eva never lies. You can trust her that she will subsequently show you the bag.”

When they left, he wanted to give me a hand shake. I looked him in the eye and said, “I do not shake the hand of such evil people as you!”

Mockingly he replied: “Oh, I expected that.”

Once they were gone I put my phone on the table, hid my head in my hands and cried. The woman showed me where my phone would be kept and a bit of the house. She told me that I am in a home with seven would other girls are and that it were several homes in the village.

I saw my room they gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste and a few towels.

I did not fall asleep. I knew Merea now either had to be arrived or is still somewhere on the road. At three clock they told me that they were still on the road. I knew that Merea had not slept in the car. She told me so before she left, that she would be too much afraid to fall asleep because she did not know what they would do when she was asleep.




And so the newspaper reported. “They were quite calm.”

From the article: Sekten-Vater attackiert Behörden

This past weekend the Swiss Police gave the girls missing for two weeks, of the sect, “The Twelve Tribes” back to employees of the Jugendamt Donau-Ries.

The girls were ages nine and 17 years and now in a foster family and in a Jugendamt institution.

“The employees of this agency have not removed the girl’s phone,” says Achim Frank from the District Office of Donau-Ries Jugendamt:

“But these are definitely Jugendamt facilities, in which a fundamental cell phone ban is in place. This is not directly targeted at individuals.”

Also, the parents are not in contact with the girls – that is prohibited – so their contact must now be re-regulated.

“A colleague cares for the girls. You need to come only once to rest now.”

You would need your personal belongings and documents again.

The return of the two children from the Swiss border from is said to have been unproblematic:

“They were quite calm.

And so the Jugendamt has lied to you consistently since 5 September 2013, dear reader. They have lied boldly, knowing that most everyone wants to hear the lies and not the truth. The lies confirm their comfortable lives. Governments know well how to lie.

Read more about the Krumbacher family.


Eva, Hannah, Merea, Rachel, and Ohevi: once a happy, united family…until the Jugendamt came on the scene.