A true destiny — Germany 2013-2014

Nechonah’s words are all in blue.

Re-education, not in China, but in Germany!

She felt like she was in a prison.

A policeman leads inmates as they walk along a road with their wrists tied together to a rope at Emei Mountain regionThey had tried to re-educate her in a foster-family ordered by the Jugendamt (youth welfare office). Everything that had to do with her previous life in the Twelve Tribes, she should now forget and “get to know the missed time and catch up (with everyone else in the world).” No one believed her, no one said anything good about her parents or her friends.*

The world is twisted.

She had to live an underground life: secretly read and write letters. She had to dress differently, eat differently, and behave differently than at home. She was being not-so-subtly coerced to conform to German society.

She missed her friends with whom she had previously spent her school and leisure time with.

The Community was accused of what she now had to experience at the controlling hands of the Jugendamt – all contacts with her girlfriends were denied her. She was not even allowed to get letters from them.

Visitation is once every four weeks for one hour in the cold, supervised atmosphere of the Jugendamt and once a week a 10 minute phone contact.

They tried to force her to eat liver. She pushes herself away from the table; she eats it at the end. Mr. Singer from social services explained: “We just wanted to improve her blood level.” Although all knew that Nechonah has never eaten anything like blood and blood organs and did not want to eat them.

They trivialized her wishes; this is how the Jugendamt treats children in their custody.


Everything is so terrible in foster care!

She can not take it any more, especially when they separated her little brother from her. For no reason.

“Just because I told my brother he should be careful with the chocolate. Was that a bad influence? There’s something else behind it; they had planned it anyway. The other foster daughter had indeed overheard it on the phone; they wanted to separate my brother from me.

“On Friday I had a headache at school, I did not know when they would do it. I asked the teacher if I could go back home. Now I lie in bed, the foster mother just comes (easy) in and thinks I’m asleep. She grabs my brother’s things in the suitcase…

“Oh, how terrible everything is, I could not tell my brother…

“He fought back, screamed, cried…

“I had been honest in court, but perhaps they wanted to see only the bad and not really listen to my heart.

“I can not understand all that. “

She runs for her life and manages to arrive home, with her parents. Finally she can unload all the months accumulated emotional pain with their parents. (In German, “soul’s pain” — seelischen Schmerz.)

The parents are concerned and deeply saddened, now Mrs. Judge Roser almost yields, almost relents. But nothing happens.

I am constantly bullied in foster care

“The Jugendamt is waiting, there are many homes and many foster families. But for me there is only ONE home.

Once in the children’s home, I am constantly bullied and it’s hard to find a reasonable contact. I retire to my room when the boys from my group are going on about me. One of them is out to get me. He threatened to kill me. I write letters or otherwise occupy myself in my room.

“Is this all to my good?” I think when I’m doing an arc around the boys, so I do not meet him on my way.

“I do not want to be here!

The well-being, the welfare of the child…” like a dull sound that constantly repeats itself as the echo of the steps if you go down a cold stone staircase. Is that what this is about?

cold stone staircase

“An eerie pressure is on me. I can hardly breathe – my trust in the courts and lawyers and the Jugendamt is at the end.

“It ‘s not about me. They saw from the beginning that I’m going under here.

“Sometimes the fear grabs me and everything is gone — the familiarity of my parents, my brother, my friends, my life – everything you took from me. Is the freedom they speak of? That they have put me in prison and will bring me there again?


“Yes, there are many foster families and homes, says the Jugendamt – but for me there is only ONE home.

“Maybe the judges themselves do not know what is going on in such a foster family or a home. I know how it really is, but who believes me?

“And now I’m back home, run away again, and the judge has again decided: for the sake of the well being, the well being of the child.”



It’s waiting for Nechonah back in foster care, the echoing cold stone staircase of lies…

That’s what the Jugendamt has to offer her: an illusion of happiness in the world and the deliberate attempt to re-educate her and destroy her esteem for her parents…all made possible by the iron fist of state power. As one grandmother asks, “Where have our human rights gone?

*Without a doubt, the State of Germany is devoted to the Destruction of the Fourth Commandment: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12)


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