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Investigation against reporter was set…

The investigation against the reporter was ended.


More reporters respecting our privacy. One day yours! (5 September 2013)

So there came a reporter and crept into our homes through lies, exploited our hospitality, secretly made films, which he manipulated, and then he released them on television. Such a thing is actually prohibited – against the law.

But recently you could read in the newspaper: a reporter was allowed undercover filming at “Twelve Tribes”. That is, there will be no prosecution. This practice is allowed.

“This is the result we expected,” commented the spokesman of the network. They expected no prosecution, which is not surprising considering the pre-existing relationship.

That reads so easily then, but probably the least number of German citizens are aware of what that really means. One of the constitutionally protected German fundamental rights has been grossly violated!


Das Grundgesetz wird 50

Basic Law (German Constitution)


GG Article 13 (1) The home is inviolable.


If all citizens in Germany (as the Basic Law also guarantees) are treated equally, that means in plain text:

A reporter can secretly film in your apartment and place the images on TV and on the Web without your consent – and he can profit from it – without being punished for it. Surely this won’t happen to me, you say to yourself, “I am not a cult member.”

Dear German citizens,

Maybe we should remember the quote by Martin Niemöller, which could go something like this today:

When the police got the cult children

I remained silent,

I was not in the cult.

When it was in the newspaper,

that the reporter was

allowed to publish secret, illegal filming at the Twelve Tribes,

I remained silent,

I did not live at the Twelve Tribes.

When I complained about how I was being monitored,

there was no one left to protest,

because everyone was afraid that they too are being monitored.

(freely adapted from the famous Martin Niemöller quote)

Martin Niemoller2

Martin Niemöller

It is true that none of the Twelve Tribes will make a criminal report of this journalist, because we prefer to leave the judgment to the highest Judge who judges righteously. Just know, fellow citizens, judges, and prosecutors:

Diverse weights and double standards, both are abomination to the Lord. (Proverbs 20:10)