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Note: all photographs are screen shots from the original video that is in German.

Sharat, the abba (father), with Nechonah, his twelve-year-old daughter, freshly run away a second time from foster care to her home, and Shemariah, the imma (mother).


Abba: Nechonah took off the second time now, because why… you can tell us now.

Nechonah: First of all I want to go home and second, I don’t like it anywhere else.

Imma: Is the Jugendamt friendly to you?


Nechonah: No surely not.

Imma: What is going on there?

Contact Ban (isolation)

Nechonah: They limit…I can’t have any contact with friends and only contact my parents twice a week. Every two weeks — every two weeks I can see my parents under supervision.

Imma: Every two weeks we can see her for two hours under supervision. Someone always needs to be there. And every week she can call once for 15 minutes and this also needs to be listened to by someone else who lives in the home. Nechonah lives in one of the houses of the home, but we can never visit her there.

We always need to visit her somewhere else in a neutral place and we don’t know where she lives, how she lives, how the people living with her are, how the supervisors are, we hardly have any contact with the supervisors..none at all, no contact with her school, we don’t know who she is in school with, nothing – no contact with her teachers.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-22h07m18s60She has many limitations, she also has friends outside the community, she can never visit them either, can not receive any letters from them and no phone calls, also with people in the community, friends, relatives, and family, no contact, she can only call her grandparents once a month. So this makes her grow up very isolated. For sure this is not so easy. Maybe you need to say more yourself, Nechonah.

Nechonah: So now I fled, at the risk of having to do 30 work hours as punishment, but it is worth it to me.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-22h08m43s142Imma: Thats good.

Nechonah: I am going to continue taking off till I can stay here, every day, whenever, I don’t care. I just make sure that the police won’t catch me, and make it clear that I want to stay here and don’t want to go anywhere else. And I am also going to defend myself against that.

They isolate Nechonah. (Contact Ban)

Abba: I think the worst thing is that they isolate Nechonah like this and dissociate her from us with the purpose of alienating her from us. The rare contact, that seems so strange to us. We don’t understand why it is being done this way.

Nechonah: They are scared that when I’m alone with my parents I will be beaten up.

They want to brainwash me so I wouldn’t have this belief anymore. Even still now they try to convince that it is not because of that, that this is not the reason, but it is the reason.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-22h10m48s109I am pretty sure I can not have any contact with friends and the community in general because they think that my faith will be renewed/refreshed…and that…I don’t know… yes, my faith will be renewed and…because they try to make me like things from outside more then from here and that this will make me want to stay out there. But they can not convince me. And I can’t have any contact with friends, because they are scared that I’m making a plan to take off, or I don’t know what.

Sharat: It became pretty clear to me what is behind all this I think, with our son Reah, he got separated from Nechonah which is really terrible, that they not only take away the children from their parents, but they also separated the children from each other after two months. {See “Another girl runs away from foster parents.”}

And then Reah was brought to a foster family, and the foster parents really liked him, and told him that, they confirmed us that Reah is raised well and that he surely belongs to us and that they hope he will come home soon.

Now he lives there for two months… more than two months, three months… and then our lawyer wrote a quote from his foster father explaining why Reah should go back home, and this was sent to all the concerned ones, for example the Jugendamt is one of them, and when they read it, the Jugendamt right away went to the foster parents and influenced him so much that the he now took back his judgment, which makes our lives so hard now, that the press always names us a cult. That film in the beginning, that propaganda film influences the public opinion so strongly, and that does not represent us at all.

To me it seems that the Jugendamt somehow is scared of us. We are actually peace-loving people and I don´t understand why they isolate the children from us like this. It just made it very clear to me that there is fear and distance.

I hope that the truth will come to the light soon, that people will get to know us from our right side, and also our children, because they like to be here, and they want to come back.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-22h10m54s170So we are hoping that the judge will make his judgment soon and respect Nechonah’s will and leave her with her parents.

Imma: And that our son can also come back to us.

Abba: Nechonah is twelve and she can very well decide on her own what she wants and express it.


Imma: Our son is nine years old. And I know my son that he misses his parents very much.

Abba: So we hope to soon be a complete family again.


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