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“The only way back home is take off, because no one listens to us children.”

Several have noticed at the court hearing that they are not given the right to be heard, so they grab now whatever way they can to help themselves. This they have realized: “The only way back home is — take off!”


Not only is Nechonah glad to be home, but we are, too!

Is it not amazing that mainly the youth go home?

The children feel that the State supremacy is against them. The judges interrogate them again and again with the same questions: “Were you beaten at home? Are you not afraid to go home?”


Does she not look happy? Yes, because she finally is back home.

Even court-appointed children’s lawyers emphasize, “Since in the sect the will of the children would be broken, it would be to their benefit if you hold them further isolated against their will from their parents, siblings and friends.” The supplement carers and educators of the Jugendamt (youth office), of course, remain narrow-mindedly, almost desperately firm to maintain the separation decisions.

One can indeed not admit a mistake in any case…

Just who is out to break the children’s will? Is it the parents, whose remembered love compels the children to do anything to return home? Or is it the Jugendamt and its lawyers and its judges who will not let the children go home?

Did you notice this fact: they acknowledge that it is against the will of the child to remain in state custody?

So who is out to break whose will? Tell me, please.


And if you can discern the truth, then what of the helpless? Yes, what of the little children who cannot speak so well, who cannot write letters, and who cannot run away from home? They too were ripped from the loving arms of their parents, without cause. They too were (and are) subject to a Contact Ban, cruelly depriving them of contact with their parents. What of them?

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