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How to kill not a Child or a Parent, but a Family

How do you kill a family without actually shedding blood? You deny the relationships that are a family’s lifeblood. There is a bureaucratic term for it we had never heard before September: Contact Ban.

That is in the extreme case, when the goal is to shock alienate the family from one another, especially the children from the parents. Because, after all, how can a mother forget her nursing baby? But the baby, on the other hand, that is a different story! His or her relationship with their parents you can destroy with a Contact Ban.

Given enough time, they forget who their parents are. Some of our young ones no longer recognize their own parents. The Jugendamt is pleased, the goal has been reached — the natural bonds of affection in a sekt family have been starved to death.

If they are foreign, they will forget their native tongue. If their parents do not speak German, you have accomplished a nearly total rupture between parent and child. This is what is happening to a Spanish-American family whose children were seized in the Raid. Have the staff workers not done their job well?

But who knows? There is life after death, and even a relationship that has been cruelly starved of normal contact and affection can revive. That is our hope.

With older children or youth, the case is harder, but destroying family bonds is something the Jugendamt has decades of practice in. Cutting off communication is the first and foremost tool, from Contact Ban to extremely limited contact under “austere scrutiny.”

Immersing them in German culture and society is a two-edged sword, of course, because there are two possibilities in the face of modern society’s vulgarity, coarseness, foolishness, and immorality: repulsion as well as the desired attraction.

Do you think we exaggerate?

Please see the following posts, testimonies of the parents and children and even grandparents about the denial of human rights, the threats to limit contact when asked to have more contact, the separation of even young children from one another, the mistreatment at home and school.

The open hand of German discipline strikes the face hard. It is meant to humiliate, to take away the dignity of parent and child. We know this for sure: such denial of human rights is done by the inhumane.

09.02.2014: “Where have our Human Rights Gone?” This lists many of the things mentioned briefly in the above post. Written by the grandmother of four of the seized children. She shares the pain of her daughter deeply. To injury the Jugendamt’s workers add insulting comments.

07.02.2014: “They can’t admit they made an error.” This catalogs more of what we are saying in this post. Written by two prominent new religious movement researchers, one from Canada and one from Sweden.

05.02.2014: “Commentary by Martin F. Kurkowski.” This describes in outline what happens to children when denied contact with their parents when young. He outlines how the actions of the German courts and Jugendamt essentially constitute a willful, knowing act of genocide “within the meaning of §6 paragraph 5 International Criminal Code. There the forced transfer of children of a religious group — or marked by their nationality — with the intention of destroying them is punishable with life imprisonment.”

03.02.2014: “My Fellow Citizens.” This plea for our children’s return points out that they have been held for five months…when the day after the Raid their good health and normal behavior was acknowledged by the Jugendamt’s own doctors. Was this not about child abuse, this whole Raid? The evidence is that no, it wasn’t. The Raid, from its evil conception, has been about the destruction of a group because of their religion.

02.02.2014: “How Long?” From a parent’s perspective on the face of the virtual isolation the Jugendamt has our children in. An isolation from their parents, their siblings, their friends in other communities is all knowingly imposed. It is only the starvation of relationships, you may say, but as one of our children said — a better person is not to be found in the whole nation of Germany — a life without good friends is no longer life.

Actually, these are just a few of the stories and testimonies of the mistreatment our children have faced. Their cards, their pleas to go home fill the blog. The older speak for the younger, who are being abused by this Contact Ban every moment of their lives.