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I would like to thank you, that you listened to me…



Dear Herr Judge Prexl,

I would like to thank you, that you listened to me, and that you have decided that I must be at home again. Now I’m home but first I have to recover from the bad times in the children’s home.


Helez (center, between his parents) is so grateful that he is again with his family. Finally, his family is together again! Photograph was taken January 25, 2014…they have been separated since September 5, 2013.

However, I still wish that my second wish would be fulfilled. I miss all the other children and hope that they can come back to their parents soon.

It went so well for all children here, at home. Please, hear also the small children and do not hear the lies.

I know that the little children want to go home. I also have a nephew and a niece. They are 5 and 3 years old and can not write letters yet, but I know that they are suffering and want to be with their parents again. I have not seen them for almost 6 months.


Helez’ niece and nephew, at home, happy.

I find it so inhuman to separate children from their parents by force without reason.

In captivity, I felt like a criminal who had just robbed a bank. Therefore, I would also damages for the mental harm that was done to me.

The little children were much more traumatized to be treated as criminals than I was.

Please listen to what the little children want.

Yours sincerely,

Helez Schüle



All creation, even the cows, are happy that Helez is home.


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