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Where are our human rights gone?

Have we and especially our children human rights at all?

Why does the Jugendamt (Youth Office) require our children not to read any more literature in English?

Does this have anything to do with racism when our children will no longer be allowed to receive letters from their friends from our other communities from around the world?

How can it be that so-called “servants” of the children, the Jugendamt determines how many letters a child gets, and in what language? Why not letters from all their friends, no matter what the language?

The officials of the Jugendamt have decided that our children are only allowed to receive German literature. Only a letter from the parents every week and only a best friend with the sarcastic saying, “If your children ever have such a thing as a best friend.” Where are we living in? WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS? Is this reality?

Only if such a thing has happened to you, unfortunately, can you really believe that it is really so. Our children plead to the judges, the lawyers, Frau Merkel, Herr Seehofer, Herr Landrat (District Chief), and the rest of them, that they would not hesitate to return them home. The fact that the discipline has now been revealed to not have been abuse, and that they have never had it better than at home, does not change anything. They write that they so much do not want to live in homes, especially homes for difficult children and with strangers in foster care. Some of these are also single parents.

But their cry is not answered! Instead, your statements will be turned on you in court and the staff of the Jugendamt to the opposite of what you have said, and even portrayed as lies! THIS IS INJUSTICE!

Our children are treated like felons! For three hours a fourteen-year-old girl was interrogated by the police! What were they trying to do but turn her against her parents?!

A 15-month-old child is torn from his mother’s breast! Screaming dragged into the car, not knowing where they go or when they will see their parents again!

They are deliberately alienated by long court proceedings and forced to do things they do not want! Eat unclean foods like liver, yelled at by their so-called foster parents, some of whom do not even take care of their physical health needs, for clothes and food! Around spiritual people they are not!

They become as Jews to their fellow students at public schools, beaten and insulted at homes and schools!


The families must once have peacefully lived out your faith now suffered bitter persecution. Has this become possible in our country? YES!

Why should they not live together and love each other?

Why can people not make use of their freedom of religion?

For us, this is now not only go once a week to church, but Acts 2:44! It is a life together.

How can this be, that in a country of rights and freedoms, children are snatched from a Spanish family, are brought to the German-speaking so-called caregivers (foster parents) and then completely reprogrammed there from their own language, so that their own parents in the end can hardly (or not at all) talk to their own children?

These are things which “legally” run here. What right is it? Who is right?

Where does this right come from? Busy yourself, please, with our situation. Spend some time on it.

Try to find out whether it is possible for anyone to question our own children out of the office? You will see they are held as prisoners. There is contact once every three weeks with their parents for one hour under austere supervision. This is inhuman.

By all means the Jugendamt is trying to completely alienate children from parents and other friends and relatives. This is the action in our case! The Jugendamt says, “SO WE DEAL WITH ALL THE PEOPLE; IT IS NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY.”

Hard to believe, is it not?

Too bad that the parents of 42,000 children taken away every year in Germany live under the fear that if they all go to the barricades (publicly demonstrate) — come close together and unite in public — that they will all see their children never again. One can also understand, because the more you fight, the more threatening the Jugendamt gets about even hotter action, so that you do not see, write and speak to your own children!


From a concerned grandmother.