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Your honor Frau Roser!



Your honor Frau Roser!

I want this letter to be considered.

I can’t bear it here anymore. I want to go home to my parents and sister still before Christmas. It says in the law that the children have the right to live with their parents. So it goes against the law that we go taken away.

This destroys the soul of us children. Every child is used to being with their parents! Please let us go home! I won’t give up! As long as we are gone! You can not persuade us. We want to go home!!!!

I plead with you again to consider my letter!!

Many greetings, thank you very much,

Chaninah Schott

P.S. This is what I wrote to the judge.

Note:Chaninah, nor any of the children, were allowed to return home for Christmas.


Your honor, Herr Prexl,



Your honor Herr Prexl,

I want to go home!

On the 14th of February I will be 12 years old. And then my dad will prepare me for my Bar Mitzvah. Just like my older sister I am going to make a covenant with my parents. And this is why I want to go home! So I can get prepared! I can’t bear it any more and I urgently need to go home to my parents.

Please do something!

Thank you very much,

Chaninah Schott


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