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Opinion on the Rieser News of January 31, 2014

My Fellow Citizens,

Referring to the very insightful article in the Rieser News from 31.01.2014 regarding “Violence against children: forensic scientists criticize the youth protection system in Germany.” We would like to comment.

If “many injuries are healed after two weeks” indeed, according to the chairman of the Professional Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians in Bavaria, why are the heavy abuse allegations to the children of the Twelve Tribes still maintained, since they have been refuted consistently by court-doctors (forensic) and official medical studies?

It was publicly announced the next day, in fact, September 6, 2013, that there was no abuse! Normal, healthy, well-behaved children, yes, abused children, no.


28 May 2012 Article


In case it has escaped your attention, we wish to bring to your attention that already in 2012, due to the allegations in the Focus Magazine (which the Rieser News reported) the parents of the Twelve Tribes in Klosterzimmern agreed on the advice of the Jugendamt (youth office) to undergo an immediate medical examination of all the children, which took place in the school building in Klosterzimmern by independent doctors.

Highlighted words: “No abnormalities were found in the children, also no psychological abnormalities,” so said Mr. Rössle in response to our question.

In this 2012 study it was found in none of the children any traces of ill-treatment .

On the day of the surprising raid on 5 September 2013 an immediate forensic medical examination of all the children of one and a half to seventeen years took place in the district office Donau-Ries also, because we were accused of “continual to systematic mistreatment of our children” and therefore, they were in “imminent danger.”

 Again, in 2013 no evidence of abuse was found in any of the examined children.

Nevertheless, every child and every youth has been photographed with a number in hand and brought to foster care or institutions for maladjusted adolescents. There they still are due to a judicial “injunction” for five months.

In the official court order to receive this injunction upright, was recognized for further medical investigations and hearings that the children love their parents and the parents also love their children and have well taken care of them.

STILL is the judge’s decision uniform that we, our children only get back if we distance ourselves from our faith. Who still does not separate from his life in the communities of the Twelve Tribes, must expect to be declared “unfit for raising children.”

All that, although all the children want to go back to their parents…


This is religious persecution, today, now, at this moment going on, in Germany.