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On the occasion of International Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism on January 23rd 2014, the Bavarian Parliament and the Association for Bavarian memorials commemorated with a joint event the people who were persecuted and murdered during the Nazi reign of terror.

KZ Auschwitz, Einfahrt

Gate to Auschwitz Concentration Camp

On the same day in the Bavarian Parliament a discussion in the Social Committee took place: Maltreatment of children in the sect “Twelve Tribes.”


Barbara Stamm

In her speech at the Holocaust memorial, said Barbara Stamm ( Bavarian Landtag President, CSU) : “With the Nuremberg Laws the Jewish fellow citizens were denied their political rights. At that time the Germans began to accept this, which then led to acceptance of more and more worse things. And in the end were the extermination camps, such as Auschwitz.”

The leaders of the society at the time of Jesus also held beautiful memorial services at the whitewashed tombs of their prophets, and still they arranged the innocent Jesus to be crucified.

The only reason that Jesus was judged guilty by Pilate, the governor of Judea for the Roman Empire was that He had been slandered in the society at large. This was done particularly through the leader’s initiative. So it got to the point that Jesus was crucified with two thieves/robbers. Most applauded!

The parents of the Twelve Tribes are slandered as mistreating their children in a hard, systematic, and brutal way.

That conclusion [of abuse] is contrary to the fact that after the startling, violent removal of children on 05 September 2013, doctors in the investigation found no traces of of child abuse. In children, neither physical nor psychological damage were noted.*

Even during the eight years of private school under the supervision of government experts, the children were perceived as very positive and lively, eager to learn and self-confident personalities. {See the testimony of M.W. about the children of the Wörnitz Community.}


2010 Quali exam at Klosterzimmern, overseen by Education officials.

The RTL propaganda has in Germany definitely worked as speech “inciting hate motivation.”**

They got results!

  1. There were many telephone and E-mail death threats against the Twelve Tribes;
  2. ruckus on the site of the Community,
  3. shops or dealers refused the sale and cooperation with the Twelve Tribes;
  4. doctors and dentists refused to treat members of the community;
  5. friends and supporters of the Community were threatened by anonymous callers and harassed;
  6. companies (who have have worked with us) were harassed and defamation threatened,
  7. and the community of Twelve Tribes was revoked the authorization for the sale at the weekly market as well as on the Christmas market in the city of Nördlingen, etc.

Apart from the RTL propaganda film, which is directed against the parents and to all the people in the community of the Twelve Tribes, there are other defamatory statements.

  • BR, 23/01/2014, NEWS: “Religion is only a means to an end, to justify the exercise of power and strict obedience.” And “cult member does not want to admit that one shouldn’t hit children.”
  • Margarete Bause (the Greens) : ” When I listen to the sects-outs (fall-aways), they say that their whole life was destroyed by this type of education, as their will has been broken, as they were broken as individuals. “
  • Economic boycott call by the media, such as “People’s Voice” demanded to know of the businessman: “How the contacts with the company came into being? Were you aware that the workers were members of the community of believers of the Twelve Tribes? Does the company draw conclusions for the future and ends for example the cooperation or preclude further joint projects?”

It seems that the media, but also our politicians do not dare to use their proper reason and to distinguish between “Hit = abuse ” and ” Disciplinary Action = love.”

Will there be a “Nuremberg Law” again? Maybe not with an anti-Semitic ideology, but an anti-cult ideology? Our government wants to have everything under control. As a young man at the St. Nicholas “improvement center” said:

“I am ashamed being a German because of what the Jugendamt is doing. The legal system they have is not working properly. [speaking to the authorities:] Just because they are doing their own thing and are not dancing to your whistle, you simply send them away, saying they are being beaten. To me that is just not right.”

Did not many others attempt this already, who later turned out to be totalitarian?

These loving parents will now get the same sentence as people who mistreat the children from lower, perverse, and selfish motives.

A concerned father whose daughter is being held in custody in Germany .


Merea, David, and Eva Krumbacher. Merea is in custody, Eva, having run away twice to her parents, was set free.

David Krumbacher

Read more about the Krumbacher family.

*For an English translation see “That past is NOW!” (The link in the quote above is in German.)

** = This term is used to describe how the people are roused up by propaganda to persecute others.