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A letter from Besorah to His Honor Herr Seehofer,


Will our State President, Horst Seehofer, answer Besorah personally? Or will he also not answer, just as Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel?

briefseehofer01_besorahVery honored Mr. Seehofer,

Please help us! I am in great despair because no one wants to hear us and no one believes us. My name is Besorah Schott and I am fourteen years old. I am also one of the children that were torn away from their parents on 9/5/2103. All my life I grew up at home in the Community in Klosterzimmern and I always did good there. I love my life there in Klosterzimmern and would never desire anything else, at least not now. We are not a cult, but rather very normal people that want to live a life that’s pleasing to God.

Just because drop-outs (fall aways) tell some horrible stories, they are being believed more than us.

If the reports of the drop-outs really were true, I would never want to live in this “terrible cult.” My siblings and I were never mistreated or yelled at by our parents. I love my parents and they love us.

I already wrote several letters to the Jugendamt (Herr Kanth) and to the lower court (the Amtsgericht where Frau Roser presides) and to the higher court (OLG, where Herr Prexl presides) but no one answers me or helps us in this case. My sisters, 11 and 9 years old, also wrote letters only to be disappointed. The younger ones suffer all the more under this dramatic separation from their parents and friends.

I was allowed to go back to my parents since one month ago (December 4), but not be together with my sisters and see them suffer breaks my heart. briefseehofer02_besorahThis injustice went so far as to even separate nursing babies from their mothers!

I am strongly convinced that there is no reason for such a separation.

Please help us that the truth would finally come into the light and this terrible suffering for all who are concerned could have an end.

It is an unimaginable pain that is hardly bearable. I am speaking for my two sisters and all the other children from Klosterzimmern.

Please listen to us and help us, that the others also will listen. Why is everyone against us? Why does no one stand up? Do children not have the right to live peacefully with their parents?

Please also look at our web-site.

Thank you very much,

Besorah Schott


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