Helez is free!

Last Monday, Helez had run away from foster-care for a second time. He is almost fourteen-years old.


He has now endured for five months in a home for maladjusted children, hoping and waiting for justice — for a court order that would allow him to go home. Helez had spoken in tears to the judges of the Court of Appeals just two weeks earlier.

He wanted to go home and he wanted the other children to go home. He wants the court to order that he be paid damages for the harm done to him. The Jugendamt and Helez’ “process assistant” (his legal aid) argued that he lacked normal teenage rebellion — that he needed to stay in society longer where he could learn to be rebellious better. With “aid” like this, Helez’ hope of returning seemed to recede ever further.

Having returned home, he waited in fear of being retaken, which the Jugendamt warned severely of. But then the decision of the Appeals Court came, residence returns to the parents!


Helez and his family want to thank all those who helped them.


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