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From Nechonah (age 12)



Your honor Mr. (blanked out name),

My name is Nechonah and I am twelve years old.

I lived happy and content in my family with my parents. I was doing good, and never hurt or harmed. On the contrary, my parents always took care of me and my brother and loved us. But everywhere else I lived I did bad. In the foster-family I was yelled at and beaten by the daughter, and in the orphanage home most of the children mock and bully me.

At home I had true friends that stood with me, no matter what time.

No expressions or insults were used. Here I don’t have such friends. I get along with a few people here, but they are not as good and trustworthy friends as at home. I also started with Bat Mitzvah preparations. I want to continue on them. That just means, “I am not going good here!” I don’t find any true friends.

Please let me go home again. There I do way better. I miss my parents, my brother, and my friends.

Nechonah Pfeiffer


Rea (age 8), Sharat and Sh’mariah, Nechonah (age 12)


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