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Our hearts ache and there is no consolation. Our 1 ½ year old son was swept away by the police and the youth office on 05.09.2013 by us. What a shock…
The day before, everything was gorgeous. We had no idea what kind of criminal action would face us the next day in the very early hours of the morning.

Now four months have passed… and sadly our son is still gone.


Jonathan, the delightful son of Noah and Moedah. This is the Jonathan that figures prominently in the opening pages of Eva’s Diary.

We were told that our son would be taken only for a short time and we would probably get him back again the next day. We had never expected such a thing, since we had been to the Jugendamt (Youth Office) several times previously; and the representatives of the Jugendamt had received a positive impression.

So I went with my beloved son that day, with representatives of the Jugendamt (secured by the police), to the foster family. My son clung to me and would not let me go. He felt the threat of separation and would not allow it. The agreement was, that I could breastfeed him 3 times a day. The police drove me home and I had to leave my son there. I sat in the car and hoped this nightmare would end and that I would finally be able to wake up; but in shock, I realized that it was a reality and there was no way out.

Thousands of questions and fears rushed through my head. Why did they take away our son? We have not done him any harm, quite the opposite: we have only loved him and given him affection.


Moedah, his Imma, and Jonathan

{Read M.W.’s Statement about Moedah and her family.}

All these allegations in their decision had nothing to do with us and there was no evidence. Just for the reason of living at the Georg-Ehnes-Platz 2 and being part of the community, our little son was taken away.

Georg-Ehnes-Platz 2

Georg-Ehnes-Platz 2 — our house in Wornitz. There’s not even a fence around it!

Ten days after this cruel day we stood before the judge in Ansbach. We were invited to a hearing. I thought the judge would surely give us back our son, since there was no evidence. Even the doctor had found no traces of ill-treatment. After much debate, the judge ruled that we should not get back Jonathan. This was on the basis of the statements of witnesses, which he believed to be credible.

Although the witnesses had no evidence against us and have never lived with us as a family, the judge gave their statements about the community a lot of weight.

How can you believe such people and so base your judgment only on suppositions and accusations? As a judge would it not be better to get an impression yourself and to investigate the veracity of these allegations?

Why has the Youth Office not brought to light the truth and their positive impression of their repeated visits with us? Rather, it trusts in lies and exaggerates what ‘s not true .

After about two weeks I was told by the Jugendamt, that I had two options:
1) I can move with my son into a mother-child facility or

2) I can breastfeed him, once a day, in the morning.

Of course, we have preferred the first option, because it would be much better for the little one to have me always. Whether they lied or forgot I don’t know…

The next day Mrs. B. called me from the Jugendamt, and told me that I would have to decide if I would be satisfied to breastfeed once in the morning and if not, the Jugendamt would place my son somewhere else, because he would be a burden for the foster family.

I tried to convince Mrs B. about the first option that I can move with Jonathan together somewhere. She said there had never been this option and I should be satisfied with one breastfeeding. I finally decided for one breastfeeding, because I had no other option.

The Jugendamt can state many big words, but they do not even move a finger to care for the welfare of the child and the parents.

There is always a “fait accompli” and they are never open to our needs, but push through their plan, which consists of separating children from their parents.

They treat us like animals. The little ones are being torn from us and placed where they will get only the bare essentials for survival.

Have you ever seen a mother cow or other animal whose young were torn away? They scream so loud that you can only have pity for them.

We are “screaming” for our children, but no compassion or understanding will be shown to us, because they justify their evil actions by their suspicion of abuse.

It is so painful and devastating to be separated from your children, and to see how this evil system is trying to alienate the children and reprogram them.

My son is trying to suppress the pain of separation with food and toys, but he feels hurt in his trust. To explain to a 1 ½ -year-olds that the judge has ruled that he be torn away from us and that it is hopefully only for a short time, is very difficult. The only thing he remembers is that he is allowed to see his father once a week and is then torn away by the foster mother again.

Every time I  go home from breastfeeding, he weeps bitterly and his trust towards me becomes more and more destroyed.* The foster family tries their best, but no one can give him the warmth and security except his biological parents.

There are so many children who grow up today without affection and love. But why do you take children away from parents who are giving them this love, warmth and comfort? We have loved our son from the heart and never abused him!

The only thing that gives us as parents a bit of consolation is that we know that we and Jonathan are being carried by God. He has preserved and cared for our son.

The Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office) is trying to play God, but it does not understand  that it has been placed in this office by God.

It should provide order in families and protect neglected children from cruelty.
Instead, it treats us as criminal offenders and gives itself a pat on the shoulder…

*    As Michele Noterdaeme says, Professor for Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy, such mistreatment can have lifelong effects:

The younger the child is, the more dependent it is on the mother, the more good arguments it takes to remove him from the parents,” says the professor. “If a one and a half year old child will suddenly be separated from his mother, it means ‘a significant risk for the development.’ After the abrupt end of such a close relationship some children find it difficult to enter into new relationships. This can last into adulthood.