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A Letter from Shifchatyah to her friend, Nechonah


Front and Back Covers


Poem and Letter (Inside)


A life without love is lonely,

A life without hope is cruel,

A life without trust is empty,

but a life without good friends is no longer life.

Dear Nechonah,

How are you doing? I am doing o.k. I know it is not very easy for you right now, but endure. Our Father has a great plan for us.

Are you alone right now? Are you in a foster family or an orphanage?

I just want to let you know that I appreciate you for enduring. We were always good friends and we always liked each other. Now it is very different — through the use of the Jugendamt we don’t see each other anymore.

Isn’t it true, that a life without parents and good friends is no longer life? Often I think of the nice times we had together going swimming or milking goats together…

I wish we could just live together. We need to endure. I love you sooooooooooooooooo much! I miss you very, very much.

Your best friend forever,


P.S.        I try everything so that I could visit you.


Shifchatyah’s legal name is Chassidah. She is part of the Markeli family.

Nechonah at age 12 is the oldest child in the Pfeiffer family.