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They were taken from a “violence free” environment and put into a “violence filled” one by the power of the state

What they never learned at home!

In this home there are children that were never trained that bring a lot of stress and quarrel. There is a lot of wrestling, from which I get bruises and scratches. At home I hardly had stress like that. For example, Yedidiah Müller recently got a black eye because someone threw a snowball in his face.

In the foster home I have learned to defend myself, to hit back. Also I have learned to box fight. I am lucky that one boy in this home is my friend. He is very strong and can protect me from the other ones.

From Helez’ letter, “My greatest desire,” which is to return to his peaceful, loving home!

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Helez and his Abba, Caleb David, and his Imma, Yerusha before the court, December 4, 2013.


Abuse in foster care and at school

Her letters were read. She had to secretly write letters and secretly read her Bible. Other reading material that was related to her beliefs, she could not read. It was not allowed to call the youth office, she could have no contact with her ​​old friends.

Once the woman’s daughter had pushed and struck her and the mother did not do anything.

Later, she was ridiculed before her friends because of it. She had to clean a lot without the foster mother acknowledging it. She felt like a slave in the family.

Her brother Rea (age 8) was excluded increasingly in school. A few days ago, on the way back from gym classes, a whole clique of classmates forced him to smoke a cigarette. He tried to resist, but the boys have beaten and mocked him.

Nechonah’s parents learned these things after her daughter ran away from foster care.

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Rea (age 8), Shemariah, their Imma, and Nechonah (age 12), in happier times, at Klosterzimmern.

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