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Reports of Violence at School and Home from our children and youth in custody

My foster parents started to mistreat me. I got to know how it is to be mistreated. I wasn’t loved the way my parents loved me. No longer could I stay there. It was too hard. So I ran away.

From Nechonah’s letter, “The great struggle inside her.


Nechonah (age 12), her imma, and her brother in happier times, when their family was altogether.

DiaryCoverShe attempted several times to run away from the foster homes in which she was held captive. Being a dual citizen, she was able to escape on a train to Switzerland to her grandmother with her little sister.

Read Eva’s “Diary of an Abused Girl,” about her time in foster care.

My children had been happy, receptive, open, sociable, balanced, and joyful children until the day of their removal. What is happening to them right now is mental torture. We feel so helpless and can hardly take it any more to see this suffering of our children.

Taken in the Second Raid; read “Do you know what happened in Germany?


Shama (age 8), Hadashah and her husband, Levi. An earlier picture of their son.

In the same way, I have not been born for this place, where girls dispute and have to scream at each other, but rather for a very special place, where people love each other. This is only in the community of the Twelve Tribes, where human beings love each other and take care of each other.

From Chassidah’s letter: “I have not been born for this place.

Everything you see here is educators screaming at the children. My parents never screamed at me. They were always nice to me.

From Chassidah’s letter to her lawyer (with the above letter).


Chassidah (age 10), a friend, and her Imma.

Both my son and my wife screamed. My wife would not let go of our son. She was taken into hand by the police, her arm rotated behind her back and our son snatched away. After that, she was locked in the room screaming and guarded by two policemen. She continued screaming, so they closed the window, because the Youth Welfare Office did not want anybody to hear her.

From a bereaved parent: “Report of one personally affected father.

So, a “violence free education” begins with such atrocious violence? What begins with such violence is lifelong damage to the children’s souls. This is criminal behavior, inflicting such trauma on innocent children and parents.

What happens to a two-year-old when they don’t see or hear from the parents for six weeks? The Jugendamt knows; they are experts at alienating children from their parents.


Ye-eseyah (age 2), only child of Tamiym Wetjen, the “personally affected father.”

Whom do we call to save our children from this violence?


Who will return them to the homes where they knew no such violence?