Is East Germany being reborn?

Freedom of travel is considered part of the right to freedom of movement. This right gives every citizen of a country the right to leave one’s own country at will and that he may return again. It has not always been this way…


As tourists look on, East Germans are held at rifle point after a failed attempt to escape to the West. (Bureau of International Information Programs)


Illegal border crossing was a criminal offense in the GDR (East Germany). They kept citizens by force within their country. They couldn’t ‘vote with their feet’ about which place was best for them. They did not have this essential freedom.

This offense was commonly called “escape of the republic”. This is one of the reasons why our parents (and many others) continue to be deprived of the custody of their children. Because if the the parents left Germany they would have religious freedom somewhere else — somewhere they could live according to their religious beliefs. They would have liberty of conscience.

German “jurisprudence” will not let them go!



“In that regard, [it] should not be forgotten also that generally it is feared that with a current return of the children,

the parents might with their children change their residency and location to be able to continue their way of education.

“In that regard may be made reference to the details of the Agent of reference, who refers to the fact that it is almost only in Germany the ban on violent upbringing is normalized in comparison to other European countries and also largely consists of compulsory education only in Germany.
“The possibility of migration was accomplished in part by the community members after initiation family court proceedings. This option is especially available because the community of believers is scattered all over the world and it is – proven already by the information from children and parents – quite common to repeatedly change the place of residence. If however, this is being done to continue to subject the children to the previous methods of education, this must be regarded as harmful for the child.”

The shadow of the past in Germany is gaining substance daily.