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See Chassidah’s letter to the court of December 24, 2013, entitled, “Everyone in Germany can choose their own religion and live it out? (Not me!)”

In that remarkable letter, Chassidah tells of her surprise of learning that a “right” existed in Germany: everyone can choose their own religion and live it out. This was in her Ethics class at school. She was surprised because she can’t live out her religion: honor her parents, keep the Sabbath, observe Passover…live a normal life. She can’t live out her religion because her religion seems to be outlawed.

As the following documents tell us, those whose belief in the Bible includes living it out do not, after all, have that right. It seems as though the Ethics course should be rewritten! And the Constitution (Basic Law) too?

These are literal extracts from decisions of the district court of Nördlingen as to why the withdrawal of custody from her parents remains in effect (translation below):

Childen’s Lives under Consideration


Excerpt 1:



Even if the Court is not unaware that the children were or are severely impacted and traumatized by the withdrawal and hereby also the human dignity of the child and his parents is concerned,

“[it] must be emphasized that in case of resetting them into their family environment may be massive violation of their human dignity. Thus, the removal of the children is also necessary to protect their human dignity.”

Excerpt 2:



As long as the parents do not explicitly and with evidence desist of these methods of education, which even though surely found in the Bible (at least in the literal sense),

“but no longer are literally implemented, the repeal of the decision at least in the preliminary procedure can not be considered.”

  • Is there no recognition of the good fruit of our children’s lives, of their way of education?

  • Can no one see the obvious?

  • So it has come to this: the Bible is virtually outlawed in Germany.

As an American commander said in Vietnam:

“We had to destroy [the village of] Ben Tre in order to save it.” This is in no way a comment about the difficulties soldiers faced in battle.

This is about a judge, in the privacy of his or her own heart, ruling that the known impact of severe trauma and loss of human dignity by both children and parents inflicted by the court is less of a “danger” than possible trauma at home.

Perhaps if the court took a look at the children and considered the tender things coming out of their hearts, their convictions, and their love for their parents, the scale of justice would tip the other way. Or maybe it wouldn’t…

Sometimes it seems it is necessary to destroy families in order to save them.”


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