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Verse 1:

Weeping at His feet, she saw the sin in her own heart
As she broke the alabaster jar, the oil poured down His head
The men rebuked her, “Why this waste?” They did not see her faith
“What she has done is worth much more,” she could hear Yahshua say.


This house is full of the fragrance of our Father’s love
A beautiful thing she has done for Him.
Someday her children will preach His truth throughout the world,
For she has loved much, She’s been forgiven much
She poured her whole life out on Him.

Verse 2:

Our Father’s eyes still search the earth to find willing hearts
Who see their need to trust their lives into His faithful hands
They’ll give up all they have to find true love and unity
“What Yahshua’s done is worth much more,” you will hear the nations say



From our children in New England

In response to the terrible news of the Raids on our Communities in Germany, all of us wanted to make some kind of response. Soon the parents and children from the Communities in Eastern Massachusetts had a song on their heart to sing, which turned into this video after much practice. The whole experience was luminous for them, and they wanted to share it with you.

This is how one of the immas (one of the mothers) described it:

Because of Love

The call went out…How could we help? What could we give? We prayed and we cried out to the only One who could help us.

Our children raised in the way of love responded with all their hearts. Love responded.

All thirty training age children from our region gave all they had. We talked to them about what they were doing and why. We said our brothers and sisters need encouragement. They need to be reassured that we are TOGETHER in everything.

They learned three songs in a day and a half, practicing over and over and over. They SANG and played instruments with ALL their hearts! We recorded them and took pictures for our brothers and sisters and their children.

We were reminded, all of us, of how special we are and how special they are to our Father. As I looked at all of them, those little majestic ones, I fondly remembered the days in the beginning when I was a little girl. We spent so much time learning to give all we had in singing with all our hearts.

We were trained in the way of love — the way of love that has NO END. Our children were learning to do the same.

They were so happy to be doing it for our people, for those who they had really never met before but for whom they cared. Our brothers and sisters and children were who they wanted to pray for.

We deeply love our brothers and sisters in the Tribe of Levi (Germany). Our Father loves them and needs them. He will not lose or forsake them! So it is with this conviction and fervent love that we give this offering.

Ahavah shel Shaul and your brothers, sisters and children of the Massachusetts clans