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Your Honor,

I was very amazed to hear in this school here, at the foster home, in the subject of Ethics, that everyone in Germany can choose his own religion and live it out.

I also want to live out my religion. To me, living out one’s religion does not only mean to read the Bible, but to also to do what it says in there.


Shua and Shifchatyah (Chassidah)


For example to honor my parents the way it says it in Ephesians 6. I honor my mother by taking care of her. I could not even be at my parents’ anniversary which was a few days ago.



I can not keep the Sabbath here as it says in Genesis 2. I can neither keep the Passover together with my parents.

And besides that I am a Bat Mitzvah. That means that I know in my conscience that I want to honor my parents. So I am only still waiting for my celebration to take place. I believe in God and the Bible. I want to stay faithful to God, but I can’t do that here. Let me go back to the community! There I have friends and people that take care of me.

Chassidah Markeli 10 years

(Shifchatyah is her other name)

2013.12.19-LtrFromChassidahChassidah is one of 40 children taken in the 5 September 2013 Raid on the Communities of the Twelve Tribes. Ever since she has lived in an institution for maladjusted children.

She wrote this letter to the appropriate judge at the Appellate Court in hopes of finding a hearing…of finding a sensitive heart…someone who would understand and care about her…

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