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On 05.09.2013 the first raid took place in Klosterzimmern, while my children were taken by a massive police force from me. This was initiated by the Jugendamt (the youth welfare office), even though we had never had any contact with them up to this point.


Shalomah Ahavah (age 2)

My daughter at the time was two years old and was still allowed to be breastfed. My son has diabetes mellitus type 1. Both children were taken with their mother to a mother-child facility. Here they lived for three months. Our son Shama went to the local village school and all the teachers, educators, neighbors, classmates, etc. observed the harmonious relationship between my wife and the children.

The facility was staffed 24 hours a day and thus a constant control was ensured.

Nevertheless, the Jugendamt considered it necessary on 12/09/2013 to use police force a second time, arousing the still sleeping children and snatching them from the mothers. But why do you have to traumatize those already stressed-out children a second time? What is the agenda of the Jugendamt, anyway? The welfare of children was obviously not at risk in this facility.

It was a total of three mothers and seven children. The employees of the Jugendamt packed all children into separate cars and transported them away.


Shama (age 8)


My wife did not even have the opportunity to conduct a medical handover in terms of the diabetes of my son. It is irresponsible to just separate this child, who is not yet able to manage his diabetes independently, from the mother.

Meanwhile, more than two weeks have passed without our children getting a sign of life from their parents. The youth ministry is not willing to tell us where our children are and won’t let us speak on the phone with them. “Maybe in the second week of 2014,” was the answer to our question regarding the exercise of visitation rights, which haven’t been deprived us of yet.

As an employee of the Jugendamt was kind enough to give us some information, we now know that they have brought our eight year old son Shama Yadid to Thuringia. It tore the heart again, when we had to imagine that the boy had not only been separated from his mother by the police, but has even been carried away three and a half hours away from us. With each mile he was taken away, he felt probably more forsaken.

Now he is without a trusted person in an institution for needy young people (from low-income families), in a different culture, with a different dialect and constantly exposed to influences which he had never faced before.

We have, for example, watched no television, haven’t listened to aggressive music, and spoken no vulgar language. All these influences bring this child in constant conflicts of conscience. Shama has been enjoying an education with moral and ethical values with us.

I am not trying to denigrate the other children. Was it necessary to take him three and a half hours distant, just because there was found no accommodation that could take his diabetes? He could have stayed with his mother in the facility.

It’s more than obvious that it ‘s not about the welfare of the child here.

Why does the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) want to let us wait until early next year to talk to our three-year-old daughter? Don’t our children, being German citizens, even have the right to call a person they trust? Who is informing our children about their rights? Their process assistant probably won’t do this.

My children had been happy, receptive, open, sociable, balanced, and joyful children until the day of their removal. What is happening to them right now is mental torture. We feel so helpless and can hardly take it any more to see this suffering of our children.

No one has ever found any evidence of neglect or abuse in our children. On the contrary, we have proved to the court how caring we have been of them in all physical and health aspects, based on numerous documents.

If those in government do not agree that I live out my personal faith in the Son of God, why don’t they allow my family to live in a country where there is still freedom of religion? Why did they have to destroy my family?

What can we do as loving parents?

Levi Hennigfeld

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