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Card from Clara to her friends in the Community

Hello, dear friends!

I am shocked about what is written in the Internet! What is being done to you and the children is inhuman and not for the good of the children! How in the world can anyone think this is ‘right’!? My mother just showed me what happened to the seven children… terrible!

But I want to encourage you!!! I am convinced, that you all didn’t do any evil thing! Fortunately you all won’t get disheartened by this! That would be very stupid because that doesn’t fit with you all.? You are much ‘smarter’ and trust in God, the only one who can help you out of this situation and who uses it to do a work in people’s lives. Even in me. I love you all and your children and hope and pray, that they will finally!!! come back to their rightful place, to their parents who love them infinitely.

In Love,

yours ?