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Letters to her Judge and Lawyer

(NOTE: Chassidah is Shifchatyah’s legal name. The German original is posted below the translation.)

A letter to her judge, Frau Roser

Hello Mrs. Roser,

Once, someone brought a baby deer from the forest.

At that time it was just a few days old. When this person brought this little deer home, my sister and I received it into our room and took care of it. My sister provided a box with straw for the fawn.shifchatjah-mit-reh-1

Every morning we fed her with goat’s milk in a bottle and took her for a short walk. But then came the time that she had to go back to her natural environment, to the place which her Creator had created her for.

In the same way, I have not been born for this place, where girls dispute and have to scream at each other, but rather for a very special place, where people love each other. This is only in the community of the Twelve Tribes, where human beings love each other and take care of each other.

Now it has been already three months that I have been separated from my parents and I will never find a home in this world. My only, only desire will always remain the same, and that is: I want to go home.

From Chassidah Markeli (10 years old)schifchatjah-15-1Here is a recent photograph of Chassidah taken in happier days at Klosterzimmern:


A letter to her lawyer, Herr Forkel

(German original below.)

December 7, 2013

Hello Mr. Forkel

I hope you will be able to print this my outcry, that I want to go home!

Your Honor Mrs. Roser,

Three months have passed since you all took me.

My parents have always loved me.

And I always loved them.

I absolutely want to go home for Christmas.

There is nothing exciting for me in the world.

Everything you see here is educators screaming at the children.

My parents never screamed at me. They were always nice to me.

I absolutely want to be home for Christmas and I don’t want to live any longer in this your terrible world!

In my eyes it is very unjust that all the children of the foster home are allowed to go home at Christmas except for me.

From Chassidah Markeli (10 years old)

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