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Child Taken in Second Raid

Ye-eseyah (age 2)

I got a call from my wife. She described to me that our son was torn away by the Youth Office forcibly from her.

Both my son and my wife screamed. My wife would not let go of our son. She was taken into hand by the police, her arm rotated behind her back and our son snatched away. After that, she was locked in the room screaming and guarded by two policemen. She continued screaming, so they closed the window, because the Youth Welfare Office did not want anybody to hear her.

Our son is only 2 years old and breastfeeding was his only consolation in this difficult situation.

The actions of the authorities are incomprehensible to us.

We loved our son day and night.

Will I ever see my beloved son?

Tamiym Wetjen

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