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An important report on the Second Raid…

(Belated post from the German News Blog.)


December 9, 2013: The Cruel Jugendamt Strikes Again

After our morning meeting we received the call for help from the 8- year-old boy: “There are very many men in the house! They are taking the children!”

Then, the telephone connection is lost… The cruelty of the German government has struck again.

At dawn, at 7:00 clock pounce about 30 police officers and staff of the Youth Office upon three mothers and their seven children, who are housed in a mother – child facility. The facility is surrounded by other police officers who cordon off the streets to prevent press or others from approaching.

One mother is still in bed, because her son is sick. She is awakened by loud banging and when she opens the door, several officials press past her into the room and grab their two children, three and eight years old. She is prevented from going back into the room…

Another mother and her two-year-old son are screaming terribly, while she is holding desperately on to her child. Police officers twist her arm behind her back and tear her boy away from her. Then she is pushed back into the room.

Someone closes the window, thus ensuring that the screaming mother can not be heard outside. She is detained in her room and two policemen guard the door…

The third mother was already sitting at the breakfast table, because their children had to go early to school. The children cry loudly when police officers come into the room. They tear the mother’s fifteen-month-old baby from the breast, while she is breastfeeding

When the fathers appear after an hour at the scene, there are still eight policemen patrolling the corridor.

To sum up, this morning employees of the Youth Office took seven children from their mothers away in a child and youth welfare institution using using police force. The children ranged in age from 16 months to 9 years. The educators and the neighbors of the institution are shocked! One of them would call the government action “beneath contempt.”


“This was beneath contempt” complains Manfred Herrmann, a citizen of Dürrlauingen: ”This is not how you deal with people,” says the 74-year-old. He is not sympathizing with the community of believers, but: “What happened there was unseemly.”

The parents of Dürrlauingen who signed the letter of protest said of their own children, who had become friends with ours in school: “Our children are terrified. They could not even say goodbye to their friends.” Can they not but wonder whether they are next to be taken?


Has anyone heard the screaming mothers and children?


Spreading terror seems to be the business of the Jugendamt. They are very good at it.

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Note: Donau-Ries is the county where Klosterzimmern is.