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  • 2 December, in the evening

Helez with his family at dinner…helez1

  • 3 December :

At 10:00 clock the message reaches us that Jugendamt staff are here, with the police – they have come to take Helez. Helez hiding because he does not want to go to the foster home. He wants to stay at home. It comes to heated discussions with persuasion and threats, and finally a house search.helez2The boy is not found. We ask that the boy can stay with his parents at least until the date of the ruling. NO – if the boy won’t come along voluntarily, it will take 100-200 police to find him – for the sake of the child?helez3In the evening a decision is made by the district court that Helez is not allowed to stay at home:


The decision of the District Court of Nördlingen from 01.09.2013 is maintained.



The parents are – along with the children – members of the Community of Twelve Tribes… and in the opinion of the court the welfare of children is at risk…

According to the court, there is a present extent risk of danger for the children, that without the measures ordered a substantial damage can be predicted with almost certainty.

Less restrictive measures are not likely to avert the danger to the child.



Although parents indicate to the Court that the rearing of their son has already been completed and that he will no longer be chastised in the future.

“But nobody believes the parents a word…

Helez will thus be forced to go back to the foster home!
He goes to sleep desperately…

  • 4 December:
    helez-4After a restless night in the face of
    the expected police raid, we put our last hope that Helez can speak before the next higher court instance, the Higher Regional Court of Munich. He does not want to give up hope that someone is listening to his will and [they will] understand! At 9:00 clock we reach the courthouse in Augsburg and submit our request for a hearing.helez5The 30th Senate will counsel – we are waiting eagerly in a cafe. On the way back to the court we see the staff of the Jugendamt (Youth Office) Donauwörth approaching – they have come to fetch Helez… It is clear to us all – either the High Court will grant Helez’s request to be allowed to go back to his parents – OR he will be brought back to the fosterhome. Helez asks the presiding judge and tells him that he no longer WANTS to go back to the foster home. For him it is much better with his parents. He WANTS to be back with his brothers and sisters, the farm, his beloved life in the Klosterzimmern. He WANTS to exercise his religion and finally celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. The allegations against his parents are not true. But all his desperate pleading is in vain. The judge tried to console him and asks him to be “brave” and go along with the staff of the Youth Office. “No, I will not go with! No way, I won’t go…”After vain further persuasion – the staff of the Youth Office calls the police for help – the measure MUST be carried out – Helez MUST go back into the fosterhome – WHY? He doesn’t understand. Several police vehicles are already at the courthouse… to Helez it does not matter, he will not go back voluntarily to the home – let the police carry me by force from the court! Now the parents are talking alone with their son. He will be brought back into the foster home anyway, but if he goes along voluntarily, then his parents and his big brother can accompany him. Helez agrees – everybody takes a breath of relief. We leave the courthouse and still see the police cars standing waiting.

Helez has indeed submitted currently, but he will not give up, but continue to fight for his rights and his freedom – to be allowed the freedom and the right to live with his parents.”

  • 6 December

Tyranny – violence, arbitrariness, reign of terror… A whole village is raided one morning by more than 100 police officers.

Children against their will are being deported from their parents. Children who flee back to their parents, are warned they will be picked up by one or two hundreds of police. Jugendamt officials, lawyers , psychologists in this procedure are all state assigned and paid. Minorities are being discriminated against – they can not go to the market and can no longer shop in all the shops; the insurance agency is cancelling. Any members of a religious community are addressed in parallel proceedings and the details and statements of individual families are being used for all lawsuits alike.

No one hears the cry of the lowly.
Is Germany again on the way back to the terrible past ?
He who sleeps in a democracy will wake up in a tyranny.
We woke up at 5 September 2013.
When will you wake up?

When the Nazis came for the communists ,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats ,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat .

When they came for the trade unionists,
I remained silent;
I was not a trade unionist .

When they came for me,
there was no one
left to protest”
(Quote from Martin Niemöller)

Martin Niemoller2

Martin Niemöller


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