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Yedidiah looking on, the Day of the Raid

Yedidiah looking on, the Day of the Raid

I’m one of the young people who were forcibly separated from their parents and placed in a children’s home. I spent three months in a children’s home and then I decided that I needed to do something radical myself, in order to change something. With me in the foster home was another boy of the Twelve Tribes. I told him about my plans and was surprised when he said: “Yes, for me also everything is too much. I’m going with you, no matter the cost!” I did not expect that.

We had no other choice but to do what was in our hearts! At 3:00 clock in the morning we jumped out the window and managed miraculously to go home. I’m so glad to be back home. Now I can finally come to rest again.

Your friend, Yedidiah, 15 years old